Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Despite my initial thought that blogging in 2013 was one of my worst years ever....  2013 wasn't such a slow year in Classy & Fabulous history.  I had 142 posts (we'll count this as 143), up from 2012's 115 posts and 2011's 144 posts.  Not bad!!

January 2013 - 13 posts

  • The Bride and Groom registered for wedding gifts and didn't kill each other doing it.  Win!
  • My family had a baby boom - twins in January and a baby girl the previous December.  Baby baby baby!  
  • Documented a craft fail (that eventually turned into a craft win - that just got hung on the walls this week!)
  • I tried on wedding dresses!!!  Which actually happened in December 2012, but apparently I posted about it late.  
  • I found out the world's largest gathering of Vietnam Veterans had moved their reunion to my wedding day.  And in the end, it wasn't the biggest crisis, beyond the fact that hotels were way too expensive on my wedding day.
February 2013 - 11 posts

March 2013 - 12 posts

April 2013 - 16 posts 

May 2013 - 20 posts - Most post-heavy month of 2013!  I believe it was because I was participating in the "Blog Every Day in May" challenge.

June 2013 - 13 posts
July 2013 - 9 posts
 August 2013 - 15 posts - had a last-minute posting frenzy the month before the wedding.  I was so clueless about so many things!
September 2013 - 10 posts
October 2013 - 7 posts - took me a minute (or 3 months) to find my post-wedding blogging groove.  Oops!
  •  Posted Honeymoon Recaps Part 1 and Part 2.  Reading this is a little depressing as I'm sitting here main-lining carbs with a snowstorm blowing outside.  Somebody TAKE ME AWAY.
  • Had so much fun re-living Month 1 of marriage.  It was a mostly-fun month, but dang it went fast!
  • Celebrated Fall with my adorable nieces and nephews.  Why are they so stinking adorable?!
  • Had our first official holiday as a married couple - Halloween 2013!  Pretty awesome pumpkins, if I do say so myself.
November 2013 - 8 posts
December 201 - 8 posts (9 once we count this one!)

It was definitely a hectic year on the blog (and oh yeah, in my life), and there were many times I wondered if anyone would notice if I just gave it all up, cold turkey.

But I'm SO glad I trucked through and got so many of these memories up on the blog.  2013 was definitely a year to remember, and luckily I'm going to extend the happiness a little bit longer by posting wedding photos coming up soon.

I can't believe 2013 is over.  I wonder what 2014 is going to hold!! 

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Whew, it was quite a year! And I have to say, I really enjoyed going on the wedding journey with you. :) I don't want to sound blogger-mushy or anything, but having you here as a sounding board and inspiration as I planned my own wedding was so nice. And because your big day was right before my sister's, it was really like we were all in this together! Hope 2014 is a wonderful one for you, Sarah -- I'm sure it will be! :)

Jeanie said...

A busy year for you. Looking forward to the wedding pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love reading all about your life! I am especially enamored with the shopping posts since I am not a shopper at all! I am a sit in the dressing room and let whoever I'm with bring me stuff they think would look good on me type of person.

Happy New Year to you and Mr. RH!

Oh...by the way...I included you in a post that I wrote on my blog called Spin Me a Yarn in case you're interested!

Mindy said...

You will certainly never forget 2013. :) Wishing you a blessed 2014!!

Claudz said...

2013 looks like it was a great year!
All the best for 2014 - may it keep getting better

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