Monday, November 18, 2013

Crazy Day

I had high hopes of posting about finally receiving our wedding photos last week.... but apparently life had other plans. 

Yesterday, both Mr. RH and I were in shelter at our respective workplaces, about 500 yards apart, as a tornado touched down less than a mile from where we were.  Of course, at the time we didn't realize how bad things were - I showed co-workers my wedding photos and just relaxed and laughed and listened as the storm raged overhead.

As the dust began to settle, we heard that almost all the roads leading to where we sat were closed or open to emergency personnel only under a state of emergency.

It wasn't until the dust settled this morning that I realized how close we were to some serious destruction. 

There are pictures from around our area here.

I wasn't able to go straight home from work - I stopped by my dad's place on the other side of town, away from the tornado damage to figure out how to get back to our apartment.

Luckily, the worst that happened there was the spring that held the door onto the complex snapped off.  I'll take it.

And now if I could just get a second night of sleep ten hours long, I'd be set to go back to reality.

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