Monday, April 1, 2013

Big 2013 Easter Weekend

You guys, it was a BIG weekend around here.  On Saturday night, Mr. RH got baptized into the Catholic Church.

It has been a long, long road to get us to this day.  Back when we got engaged, we had spoken about various options involving weddings and churches, but neither of us was completely prepared for how extensive of a process it was to join the Catholic church here.

Because we got engaged right as the 9 months of classes were starting, we (and by we I mean Mr. RH) had to make a split-second decision as to whether or not he would join the Catholic church... and once we made the decision, it wasn't easy to stick to.

I grew up in the Catholic Church (and Catholic schools), so I have always felt entitled to take the teachings of the church with a grain of salt.  I rationalize that the very human people who run the Church make mistakes - like the condemning of gay persons, which I refuse to agree with.  I do believe change has to come from within - and like any huge organization, in the church it's going to take a long while.

All that back story to say - Mr. RH got baptized on Saturday night, during the longest mass that I've ever been to ever.  In over three hours, there were 7 readings, many prayers, and baptism of a small group of people and the confirmation of a large group of people.

Mr. RH's parents and grandmother attended, which meant a lot to both of us.  His mom had terrible church experiences growing up, and I was most nervous going in because I didn't know how she would react.

She, as usual, was amazing and I know now more than ever how lucky I am to have such a supportive mother-in-law.  I know not everyone is so lucky.

Unfortunately, I have zero pics from Saturday night.  I was too wound up and it was so late - we didn't leave until nearly 1 am.  And I am no night owl.

We celebrated with root beer floats from Steak n Shake.  I gave up all soda for Lent and I am happy to report that, for the first time in a LONG while, I actually stuck to my resolution!

Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed by my store-bought root beer float.  No worries, I bought supplies and might have to make one myself this morning.  Happy April 1st to me!

I forced Mr. RH to pose for a selfie after I realized we had no pictures all weekend.  It's not the best photo I've ever taken, but it at least proves we were together!  For more than 6 minutes!  Woohoo!


Yesterday, we spent the day with some of Mr. RH's family at his parents house.  We had the nicest 45 minute drive to get there together.  The sun started peeking through the clouds (it was supposed to rain most of the day), and I can't remember feeling that peaceful in a long, long time.

Of course, then we arrived and I couldn't remember being happier in a long, long time.  Baby!!!!!

Remember this little chicken leg from December?   So tiny she could get shoved in a Christmas stocking?

Not anymore!  At 4 months old, Savannah is quite the ham and the happiest baby I've seen in a good long time!

Girl was cracking up at anything and everything all afternoon - after she dozed in my arms for over an hour while I stared at her.  It was a good time, despite Mr. RH mocking my baby fever.  It's real, people!

 I mean, HELLO?!  Look at those sweet cheeks and that big smile!


It was a big Easter for Mr. RH and I.  Probably one of the biggest and most noteworthy we'll ever have. 

After some tumultuous and hard few months of trying to figure out if we were making the right decision or making a huge mistake, I think we both finally have peace.

I can't help but think of Easter as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and I for one am ready to leave the dreary winter behind and look forward to fresh starts.

Happy April 1st!!  I hope your Easter was just as blessed as mine was.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

That is a big Easter weekend! I love Steak 'n Shakes shakes. yummy!

KatiePerk said...

You look beautiful. That little lady is adorable. Easter always brings me a sense of peace too. Glad it was a good weekend for you!

Tess said...

YAY to Mr. RH! I know it was a long, LONG road (paved with lots of drunken twitter convos between us), but I'm so glad he made it. Give him a squeeze for me.

And, that little girl? Are you kidding me right now? How did you not steal her???

Cheerful Homemaker said...

Congratulations, Mr RH! God bless :0)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That's such an exciting experience! Congrats to him for joining the church. And those masses are very long.

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