Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Things Friday

Friday is nearing a close in my neck of the woods (ok, it's only 6:30 pm but I'll be THRILLED to be in bed my 9 pm), but I figure it's not too late to join up with Laura for Five Things Friday.

1.  It's taken a LOT of triel and error and error, but I really don't look great with my hair down.  Despite all logic of face shapes and hair styles to the contrary, my hair really looks best pulled away from my face.  Or flipped out like a '50s housewife. 

Long hair makes my face look rounder.  And in some cases downright heavy.

With the hair up, though.... I lose 10 lbs. 

2.  I live to be the designated driver.  For serious, people always joke about how their man drives them around.  For the majority of Mr. RH and I's relationship, I was always the driver.  Mostly because he drives like a grandpa.

3.  I'm left-handed.  People are ALWAYS surprised by this... but I'm not surprised, because left-handed people often have higher IQs.  (hahahaha that was a JOKE.  kinda.  :))

4.  I was in speech therapy during elementary school.  I got pulled out of regular classes to hang out with the speech therapist for an hour or so per week.  It. was. awesome.  I really enjoyed the break from class to hang out and practice my "S" sounds.

5.  I sucked my thumb until I was... quite old.  I was five or six when my parents bought me a bike in exchange for dropping the habit.  They still had to use the gross-tasting stuff on my hands to make me stop. 

Bonus #6.  This is the first time I've posted 5 times in one week in... absolutely ages.  I love this little blog of mine, it's seen me through MANY a rough time, but between a million other commitments, this blog has seen a lot of neglect lately.

If you ever want to know anything else - just ask.  My life is a fairly open book!

Also, I can't tag anyone because it gives me major anxiety.  What if nobody likes me?! 

Yeah, I need therapy.

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CaseyinTO said...

I also went to speech therapy. I found it depressing how many letters my teacher said I wasnt pronouncing correctly

And I sucked my thumb until age 8 when I woke up and said "im too old for this" and stopped. I have never had such willpower since

Holly said...

I'm the complete opposite with the hair - I look terrible with my hair pulled back (I blame it on a weak jawline), and try to avoid ever pulling it back!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You do look awfully cute with your hair up! :)

I'm left handed too. That must be why I love reading your blog!

Jovita said...

You look wonderful with your hair up. Especially in the pic with the punk strapless dress - gorgeous!

Jovita said...

You look wonderful with your hair up. Especially in the pic with the punk strapless dress - gorgeous!

Andie said...

the whole "My hair looks better when pulled up" thing was exactly why I cut all my hair off. You would look so sassy with a pixie cut. :)

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