Monday, July 1, 2013

Definitely Engaging

It's taking a ton of willpower to not publish a post every day saying "OMGGGG 82 days!!!!!!!" till my wedding!

Every time I try to accomplish anything - making a meal, doing laundry (day 4 of the same pants, anyone?), curling my hair - I end up thinking that I should be doing something wedding-related and end up staring at twitter for the next 20 minutes before I decide that I should probably just finish whatever I was doing (if I remember).

And that run-on sentence is proof that I never remember what the heck I was doing (or talking about). 

So, back about a week ago, Mr. RH and I had professional spray-tans in anticipation of our engagement photos.  The lady who did them is a pro who can do up to a hundred tans on a busy day... needless to say, I fully believe that she's a pro.  We got sprayed around 7:30 pm and I tried to monitor Mr. RH because I was afraid he'd scrub his hands or something and end up wearing white gloves.

Needless to say, when I left he had a giant white handprint on his arm and I had a weird circle on one of mine... luckily, after the 12 hours of marinating in our fake-bakes, the handprints and weird spots disappeared with a shower.

I am THRILLED we decided to go for it.... although I'd like to see our engagement pics before I make my final judgements!  Based on how busy my photographer is.... it could be a bit before we know the outcome!

I had my makeup done at the local Clinique counter by a customer of mine - she did a fantastic job and I felt amazing.


And despite how good my hair looks in the picture above.... don't be fooled - I hate my hair.  It was such a mess by the time we got to pics, and I had weird curling-iron lines all throughout my hair.  If I had a regret, it was probably not having my hair styled by a professional.  Nothing fancy... just better than I could have done, I'm sure.

We had a last-minute wardrobe "crisis" with Mr. RH's pants, which I deemed too long moments before we left the house.  Painter's tape to the rescue!  (I recommend duct tape for this project which I've done before for myself, but we regrettably didn't have any on hand!)

In between locations, I convinced Mr. RH we needed a shot of the two of us for posterity... he was unimpressed but cooperative.  My selfie skills... less impressive.  Sorry bout that one eye, pirate RH.

We had a last-minute wardrobe substitution..... and I think it worked out really well, minus the fact that the dress was TOO DAMN SHORT.  

That's me posing with the bottle of champagne.... which I attempted to "chug" for an awesome outtake photo... and ended up choking and spitting it all in the grass.  Probably more hilarious than I had planned for it to be.

We had gorgeous orange roses as a prop.... and I was so sad when they had to be pitched.  This is why I hate real flowers - they die!

Side note: really should have removed the thorns from these roses before I played with them.
I'm also having some minor regret over my choice of false eyelashes.... you see, in the past I only ever applied individual little lash clumps.  Nothing more than a couple. 

On the Sunday before photos, I successfully applied full-strip lashes that I had received courtesy of an Influenster VoxBox.... little did I know, there were two different sets of lashes - one more natural and one drag queen set.

On the day of the photos... I discovered that I only had the semi-drag-queen lashes left.  I cut them to minimize the crazy-fullness, but I think I only succeeded in making a weird indentation on my right eye.  Oops.

Needles to say, I doubt my photographer will be using any of the beautiful soul-gazing photos of me.... because all she can probably see is some jank lashes.

All-in-all, I was THRILLED with the locations we shot photos in (downtown Westfield, IN), and I cannot wait to see the results.

Unfortunately, my photographer is about a month behind in editing and has weddings every weekend all month.... so, needless to say, it could be a while.

Has it been a while yet?  I'm a wee bit impatient.

Happy Monday!!

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