Thursday, May 9, 2013

Morning Terror

So, I just had one of those nights of sleep.  The nights of sleep that dreams are made of.  The bed was the right temperature, I slept like a rock, wonderful.

Woke up, was walking by a window, and what I saw had my non-existent breakfast threatening reappearance and actually made me scream out loud.

I may be slightly over-dramatic, but remember that I have a deathly fear of birds.

I yelled for my daddy (screamed/cried, but who's keeping track?), and he escorted me outside where there are feathers and carnage everywhere.  

 The windows of our little sun porch appear to have some blood spatter and maybe a little spit? puke? poop? on them.

I had grand plans of working outside in the flowers today but I am way too terrified to hang out there today.  I know he's either dead or injured badly... but no.  I'm so scared, whatever killed it - I want nothing to do with it.  

So, needless to say I'll probably never sleep again.

I hate birds and I swear they terrorize me.

What the hell happened on my roof last night?

Or do I even want to know?

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Oh dear. This would totally freak me out, too! I'm not normally scared of birds, but that would be a tipping point for me... that's when you definitely need a dad to come "save" you!

Aleshea said...

I think birds are a hot mess. To bad you couldn't have brought me feathers a few weeks back. The kids at my job did a scaenger hunt for earth day and the could not find feathers.

Karen said...


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

this is so crazy!! bird don't freak me out, but this totally does!

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