Friday, January 25, 2013

First Craft Fail of 2013

So, if you might remember, I went craft crazy in November for Mr. RH's sister's baby shower.

I posted this pic before, and of course I don't have a better one, but I've been obsessed with the canvas (that I circled in yellow below) since I made it.  

Right after the shower, I decided that Mr. RH and I needed canvases like those to decorate with.  Have I mentioned that I still have a picture I started painting last April that isn't hung above Mr. RH's bed yet?  Yeah.

Anyways, we needed initial canvases.

So, over the past 2 months I've been playing with these canvases.  I put the buttons on once at least 3 weeks ago... and I just wasn't sure I was digging the aqua color mixed in with the blue.

So I dumped them off and tried again from Mr. RH's couch during a TV-marathon.  I got them looking really good...

... and then I bumped the dang canvas when I went to the bathroom.   Ruined my masterpiece!

So I quickly decided to just glue them down... big mistake.

This is the canvases as of this morning (above).  What happened to that S?  It is so jacked up.

And then the B is quite squished.  And much smaller than the S. 

Alone, I don't think that they're a disaster... but together, can you say hot mess?

Luckily, I only used Elmer's glue.  I'm thinking I can pry the whole mess apart, rip the canvas off and start fresh, and maybe use a stencil next time.

Why didn't these ones turn out like the gorgeous shower gift above?

First fail of 2013's on the books.  Let's hope the wedding crafting goes a little more smoothly.

Dear God I hope.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Aww, I don't think they're too terrible -- and maybe if you hang them in separate areas, no one will notice? :) I give you points for initiative -- while I think I'm crafty, I usually wind up with a big mess on my hands. That's why much of my wedding will be outsourced!

southernbellejm said...

if you redo them, have you thought about doing a stencil to trace the letters? then you could glue said buttons in place, and no one would know you used a stencil because the pencil lines would be covered up:)

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