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Bridal Hell, Self-Imposed

First of all, let me say - I'm looking out the window, after 6-8-10 inches of snow yesterday, and there are flakes falling from the sky.  Haven't we had enough yet?  Hasn't my 8 hours at work with only a handful of customers been enough torture?  WHY?


Lately, I've been putting myself into bridal hell.  While I am happy to make decisions that will affect me on my wedding day (sure?  12 hours in a dress that you can't sit in?  bring it on.) or my future husband (yes, you should wear the tie that chokes the most because it's the best tie), I am overly hesitant to make decisions that could bring potential suffering on my bridesmaids.

Knowing in advance that I had the propensity to be a bridezilla, I am so fearful of stepping on my 'maids toes.  Literally or figuratively and a thousand ways in between.

So, of course, I want to make decisions that bring happiness to the majority of the bridesmaids.  Even if they won't tell me what their happiness is.

First choice:  blue bridesmaids dresses.  To go cobalt or navy, that is the question.  Navy is the easy answer - it's neutral and would compliment a whole host of any other colors.  But cobalt is more me.

Second choice: flowers.  The flowers and dresses are intrinsically linked, mostly because they're going to be side-by-side for the majority of the wedding.  In my classic/classy wannabe heart, flowers are red.  Beautiful, deep red.

My colors.  They are not blush and bashful, but they are blue, and red, and the ivory of my dress.

And the first thing my soon-to-be-florist said to me was along the lines of .... "um, potentially, that could look a bit American-themed..."

Which, to another bride, might sound insulting.  However, this bride is rather fond of the Fourth of July and would have GLADLY gotten married amid a backdrop of fireworks.  (One of the saddest parts of planning was realizing that fireworks on my big day would probably never be a reality to me.)

Ever since the florist mentioned it, though, I can't stop obsessing.  I don't want my bridesmaids to feel like Superwoman.  Or Ms. America?  I'm not exactly sure, but I don't want them to feel like pageant rejects.

When you look at "real wedding" pictures, you get a lot of blue and green.

Or blue and yellow (and the picture disappeared.  yay) Or blue on blue.


Or, as my florist suggested, blue and orange.


There's a LOT of blue and ivory/white...

And then you've got non-blue-blue with more red colors.

Aqua and red... (shudder.  Those dresses don't look quite forgiving.)

 And then navy with fall-red/oranges.

This blue below is pretty right, although the red is a little... pink?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's just the light.

If I had a quick snapshot of my overall inspirations with the wedding, it would look something like this.

Red and blue.  Silver and gold.

But it's not something I've found easily on Pinterest.  It's NOT listed in the 2013 Top Wedding Color Schemes Guides.  Or any other years that I can find.  Effing Pinterest.

If nobody told me that it wasn't possible, I don't think I'd think anything of it.  Some of my favorite colors, favorite things.  Bold, classic.

I love all of your beautiful Grecian-gown weddings, with your blush and bashful color schemes.  I know that's very popular - and incredibly beautiful.  I just view myself with the color saturation turned way up.

And then the doubt creeps in.  I'm no decorator or event planner.  I like to think I can dress myself ok, but I SUCK with color schemes and decorating.  I couldn't decorate my way out of a paper bag.

I have no idea where I was trying to go with this post.  I of course wanted reassurance that I'm not screwing up All The Things.

Ditch the cobalt and go for navy and red?
Ditch the red and go for blue and orange?  (Weep.  I don't think this is an option.)
Mix and match my red bouquet with more orange-based bouquets for the maids?

Will my bridesmaids feel ugly?  Will I be the bride who would do this to the girls she loves the most?

That is my biggest fear.  The rest is just color schemes. 

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Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

GIRL - I can totally relate. My vision of my wedding was a pool blue with light oranges and pinks and I could find this inspiration NOWHERE. Pinterest had just come out and I was OBSESSIVE about searching for something that looked remotely like what the colors I pictured in my head. When I did find something similar, I hated it! I even briefly considered changing the flowers to purple (um, ew?) The day of our wedding, it was exactly what I had pictured and the contrast looks great in photos. Anyway, you are not crazy and we all create our own special bridal hell. Go with your gut on the colors. I think cobalt and red will look beautiful.

K said...

Honestly, I LOVE your color scheme. I say go for it. The dress color is gorgeous. And honestly, the red flowers aren't going to be in the picture for longer than the ceremony and posed pics. Do what makes YOU happy. I mean, don't go all crazy, but this is your day and you don't want to look back and regret something because you were trying to please everyone else.

Meg @ write meg! said...

If you have your heart set on red flowers, you should have red flowers! Though I know it's hard, try to focus on what you really want. I don't think your friends will care one wit about wearing a cobalt blue dress and carrying red flowers... or you could always have your ladies carry white flowers and YOU can rock the red bouquet! :) Entirely your call. It will be gorgeous no matter what.

Shannon said...

I did what I wanted on my wedding day and a year later, my best friends that were in my wedding told me they felt like they were wearing baby diarrhea. The comment hurt, but if I had to do it over again, I would STILL do what I wanted because it was my day... not theirs. Personally, I LOVE the blue and red! Like you said, classic.

Shannon said...

LOVE Meg's idea with the flowers!

Brittany said...

i like megs idea too only you carrying the bright red bouquet and the girls with another. because you really dont want your wedding to look like a fourth of july party!

Megan M. said...

I think you're over-thinking this. It's YOUR wedding, do what YOU want to do! Bask in your patriotic splendor!

Jamie said...

Tell your florist to shut it! Mine kept telling me all my inspiration pics would be a HEAVY bouquet. I don't care it's what I want lady!! What about cobalt dresses with deep fall hue maids flowers and deep red bride flowers.

the girl in the red shoes said...

Girl....get what you want! I think the blue dresses with the red flowers (like the collage you pinned) look beautiful! And it doesn't look too patriotic to me...I say go for it!

BriBrooke said...

Go with your color scheme...I think it will be pretty! And down the road you'll have done what YOU want and love and can will look back knowing it was just right!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I think navy and red is GORGEOUS. Don't worry - as long as you don't have flags around, the color scheme won't look so patriotic as you're thinking it might.

mangovino said...

Maybe the girls' flowers could be mostly red with some orange and greenery mixed in? that would squash the patriotic vibe and still keep your colors

Meghan said...

I also had a hard time finding inspiration for the colors I wanted. I wanted green, yellow, and some pops of coral. It was very hard to find the right shade of green for the bridesmaid dresses (everything was too pastel or too dark!) but eventually I found the perfect dress and honestly it helped the rest fall into place. I say choose what makes you happiest, if you want cobalt dresses, then go for it! I think that is a very flattering color on people. I think red flowers sound very pretty with blue dresses. Good luck!

Andie said...

wayyyy back in 2002, when I got married, it was HARD to find cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses so I had to settle for "indigo" and work with that. I wanted saturated color for flowers, etc. I wound up going with yellow, orange, hot pink, etc. gerber daisies. I got some resistance, but when it all came together I got tons of raves of how great it all looked together.

I say DO WHAT YOU WANT. I do think that if you do a deeper red color, it would look less patriotic... and it could definitely look awesome if you have a red bouquet while the ladies all carry white bouquets... that's an idea too! :)

Heather said...

I also would suggest you carry red and your girls, white. Keep your blue dresses!

Susan Graves said...

Why should you wait?Go for it.


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