Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh Yeah. Pennsylvania.

Lo so many weeks ago (you know, 2 weeks), I drove my butt to Pennsylvania with some friends to meet the newest edition to our college family.  There are many babies on the way right now, but Ruth was the first - and I was beyond excited to meet her.  I woke up at 4 am on the day we drove out and I was practically shaking with excitement.

We had been warned in advanced that Ruth was a fusser.  And while she may have screamed a scream or two, especially while we were torturing her with amateur outfit changes and diaper wiping... she was such a good baby.

So sweet and really alert, Ruth was fascinated by all her aunts getting all up in her face all. the. dang. time.

Unfortunately, I really didn't take advantage of awesome photo conditions on our first morning together, so I only had a tiny photo shoot with sweet Ruth... luckily, I'm trying to schedule another one sometime in April.

Plus, there will be a couple more babies in the college family by June!

And now, for your ovarian pleasure, meet Ruth.

Why the torture, ladies?  Hey, I kinda like this lamb, she's soft.

I love that little tongue in her mouth... like she's up to no good.  I'm sure she'll be there soon enough.

 I love hats.  Not.

She was soo sweet and perfect at 7 weeks old.  I can't believe she'll be 4 months when I see her in April. 


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Jessica Lawlor said...

How precious! I love new babies.

Where in PA were you?! If you're ever near the Philly area, you must let me know!!! <3

Tanja Coco said...

nice blog !

I love the baby pictures *-*


Laura C said...

Adorable! Also, look at you and your photography skills. Those are beautiful pictures.

Jeanie said...

She's adorable!

Susan Miller said...

Oh cutee!So many hug for her.I love her expressions at her early age.


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