Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pinterest Lies

I'm not going to lie - one of the best things about being engaged is Pinterest.  It's also, singlehandedly, the worst thing about being engaged.

The inspiration is SO fantastic... and the pressure is enormous.  How will you survive without hand-crafted-mason-jar seating charts?

Answer: You won't.  Your wedding will be horrible and EVERYONE WILL KNOW thanks to twitter.  Gosh, no pressure, eh?

However, I think I've found one of the biggest lies out there.

The Baby's Breath Centerpiece.

You've seen the pictures.

And then the caption.  "BABY'S BREATH.  Such a big impact and SO inexpensive!!"

Well folks, I'm here to tell you that Pinterest?


Those centerpieces, according to my florist, would cost her over $200 EACH in raw materials.

As in, the December wedding she did actually lost her a little money because she felt horrible charging $200 each for the six centerpieces she did for the family's tables.

$200.  As in, I know some people who have wedding rings that cost around $200.  And, obviously these centerpieces are best when you have, you know, several dozen of them.

Why $200?  Simple.  While's baby's breath is relatively inexpensive - because it's used as a "filler" to a more expensive flower, or used to frame other elements of a bouquet, when used en masse, it's pricey just like any other flower.  To create the beautiful, snowball effect of these flowers, you would need a HUGE box full of baby's breath. 

So, anytime I see something on Pinterest labeled as "inexpensive"... I usually run the other direction.

And while I'm raging against "the man"  (the man = Pinterest), can I just say - we could ALL do a little better pinning things with semi-original captions.   I loathe when I see a pin that says "Made this cake for little man's birthday - such a hit...." posted to 34 of my friends boards.

I mean, hello, most of you don't even have a "little man" and it just seems so ridiculous to me.

Of course, I'm planning a wedding and I may be a wee bit sensitive.

Sorry about that.


You're welcome.

Don't say I never taught you anything.

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Courtney said...

I am laughing so hard. I personally would want better flowers for that amount. Although, I wouldn't spend a crap load of money on flowers I'm not keeping. Pinterest lies about a lot of things.

Ashley said...

The other thing that really gets me about Pinterest?

People pin without checking if the link is legit. So here I am being all responsible and looking for the recipe for that heavenly looking double-fudge s'more cookie, and I'm taken to an image on Photobucket.


The Yuppie Files said...

That is ridiculous! Pinterest definitely does lie. I hate the "easy" DIY posts too & am thankful that I got married before Pinterest took off. I would not want to deal w/that pressure!

Seoul Sold said...

I cracked up reading this and I agree with you about the inspiration lies...MY REINDEER CUPCAKES LOOKED LIKE DISFIGURED DOGS!!! But I really did DO the wedding centerpieces and IT WAS 200 bucks for me...HONEST! Well the flowers were, but I had a small wedding. So I didn't need a small countries worth.

Tess said...

Ha! Silly Pintrest, tricks are for kids.

I ran in to the same problem. You know those flower balls? They like hang from structures? They're all of pintrest and I wanted some. I figured they'd be pretty cheap - Ha! No. It takes so many freaking flowers to fill those bad boys, it would have cost me like $200 a damn ball!!

Maddie~The Whimsy One said...

Haha I hate when people do not change the caption either. I had one and my caption said something to the effect of "I need Tony to make this for me" and three of my friends kept it and my caption. I told them his work is not free. haha

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i wouldn't mind the caption thing IF PEOPLE WOULD PIN THINGS THAT ACTUALLY LINKED BACK TO THE CORRECT SOURCE. when i click a pin and get taken to "uploaded by user" i want to punch someone!!

as for centerpieces, IF you're looking for big impact but lower cost, try balls of carnations...they legit ARE cheap, and when they're en masse, they look awesome. not that i did that at my wedding and am totally biased or anything...

Claudz said...

Pinterest is like a reality show that makes you feel bad the life you live. The life that is actually pretty awesome thank you very much!
If I was in your shoes, I would spend minimal time on Pinterest and rather look at the bride forums where real brides with real budgets discuss real challenges and solutions.
Happy planning!

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