Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Home Style" is an Oxymoron

A week ago at work, a customer asked me about how I'd decorated our home now that I was a married woman.  I did my best not to laugh in her face.

To say that I have a poor taste in home furnishings is probably under-selling how bad I am at decorating. 

I just can't see cohesive "style" in  home stuff.  I like this, I like that, ohh red is a fun color... and then I'm off pairing leopard-print sheets with something that doesn't match.

Life is hard, people.

We have a couch on order from a furniture store.... and it may arrive in 2-6 weeks.  In the meantime, I am trying to "enjoy" our last days with the hideous old couch and try to plan for what the next furniture purchase might be. 

And then, I spotted it in the Target ad preview last week.  Cue that falling-in-love feeling.

The Threshold Windham Cabinet, from Target.  On sale for $40 off this week. 

It's not exactly the height of style or sophistication (ok, maybe in my mind it is), but it has lots of storage and could be used as a TV stand (which we need now-ish) and again later as a hutch in another room.

I wish it were wood, and if I had any energy I'd head to our local furniture mart and look for a real-wood version... but I'm not gonna lie, I like it all the same.

I've hated Mr. RH's glass-and-black TV stand since I became acquainted with it - and the thought of sending it packing just makes me heart go pitter-patter.

Unfortunately, we bought the couch sight-unseen (I am winning at this decorating thing, let me tell you...), so I'm not exactly sure of the color.  I would say it's a gray-beige color.  Greige.  I do watch some Million Dollar Decorators, you know. 

This is the pic from the website:

The question is - do I play it safe with the cabinet in boring black or white?  Or - my favorite and most overused color - gray?  In my heart, I'd really like to go for a bolder pick, but is that just dumb?  Or is the cheapie furniture dumb in the first place and I should just skip the whole thing?

Then again, a piece of Target furniture is not a life commitment.  It just feels like one today.

Opinions, more-decorator-inclined friends?

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CaseyinTO said...

If you feel colour-shy, buy your big items in neutral colours (I like the grey one!) and then accessorize with colour.

That's what I do!

THE Stephanie said...

Girl, there is nothing wrong with Target furniture. My house is full of it!! LOL

Annie said...

A lot of times you can find antiques that are cheaper than Target furniture AND better quality and may last you longer.

Jamie said...

I think the grey would be great! And honestly for items like tv stands, sofa tables, etc I find I typically always go with a target or inexpensive brand because then I don't feel guilty when I don't love it in a few years!!

Jeanie said...

I think I'd go with the gray and use bright colors to accessorize the room. Maybe red or bright blue.

katie lake said...

I already voiced my opinion before but I say go for it! I am loving my Target bookcase. Oh and our TV stand? It is from the Better Homes & Garden collection at Walmart but honestly no one would ever know. Husband purchase it pre-us dating. Also, as a newlywed it is pretty much a rule that your furniture isn't going to be the best and the most amazing. You have like 80 years for that and decorating is a slow, slow process. I absolutely love decorating and home decor and I still think it is a slow process. Now, color? I love (LOVE) grey. I would say grey or black would both work as a neutral and then accessorizes the heck out of it. Accessories are so much easier and cheaper to switch up.

Whitney said...

love love loooooove the couch! i think you should go for the gray or white tv stand…so much easier to dress up for each season than black. i can picture a restoration hardware- clad christmas, a pottery barn accessorized, etc.!

Melanie said...

I love it all! And there's nothing wrong with Target furniture... it's been my experience it holds up as well as the more expensive stuff, so why spend more? And it looks just as nice. I say be bold and get the red or the turquoise... both will look great with the couch and will give the room a pop of color!

Aly said...

When I first moved out of my parents I bought all Target furniture. That was at least 3 years ago and mine still looks great! I'd say do it!

Margarita said...

I'm terrified of colour, so I say grey, grey, all the way. !!
Margarita @

Tracy said...

I think the cabinet is darling. Get a color! I'm worried about your couch though. Sight unseen? Scary!

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