Thursday, September 11, 2014


"The human spirit is not measured by the size of the act, but by the size of the heart." 

Photo from Ground Zero, 2002

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ikea Tarva Hack

Waaay back in April, my BFF's and I journeyed to Ohio on an IKEA pilgrimage and I had been planning a little "Ikea hack" ever since.

I bought an Ikea Tarva dresser with the intention of turning it into a grand hutch for our kitchen... but of course the practicality of hacking a giant hutch with no construction experience..... yeah, no.

After I stared at the boxes for a solid month... my dad and I put it together with a minimum of swearing.

The first thing we noticed, which you can see in the picture below, is that the drawers are ever-so-slightly wonky.  Like... the gap in the middle of the 2 sets of drawers are just off.

My dad, handyman extraordinaire, determines that this will ruin my whole project.  I am not deterred.

So we get to cutting out some trim to snazz the Tarva up.

Many hours later (like 3), things are looking good.  

We get the whole piece trimmed out, including the sides.  And miraculously, the trim seems to have magically evened everything out.  No weird gaps, it looks pretty perfect.

Miracles do happen!  Even IKEA miracles.

Four layers of stain, 3 layers of paint, and approximately 8 layers of polyurethane later... things were starting to get real.

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!!  The only thing better than dreaming up an Ikea project is FINISHING it. 

It's not so much a "kitchen hutch" as I had planned... but it's actually holding overflow baking supplies, and I just loooove to kick my shoes off underneath it after a long day.  Which is really classy and totally Pinterest-worthy. 

Bam.  Nothing like a good transformation to make me want to do it all again!

Now... I can't understand why my husband doesn't want to make an Ikea trip and start on another project together.

I mean.... it looks pretty amazing, right?  We won't go into some of the "little tweaks" I want to make to it. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#SBwed: Month 11


So - I'm only posting this 2 weeks after my last update, because blogging when it's warm outside is hard, but - it's been a really fun couple of weeks!

  • We just got back form over a week away with my family... we drove from Indy to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a little R&R on a lake.  It. was. fabulous.
  • Spending a lot of time in the sun while enjoying a wonderful break in the heat/humidity of the south.  
  • Finally getting a little summer tan.  This has nothing to do with Mr. RH, but I was just excited about it.  Ahh, summer.
  • It's been a happy month, marriage-wise.  It's amazing how you think you know someone, you get married and move in together, and then you learn SO much more.  Kinda crazy.
  • (Yes, I'm becoming deep and wise as an 11-month marriage veteran.)  (Wax on, wax off.)
  • Even though we've had a fun, splurge-y month or two - we got a student loan paid off.  Sacrificing my Target once and a while actually pays off.  :)


  • Spending 12 hours in the car.  Depending on which mapquest/google map/GPS/atlas you used - the drive was anywhere from 9-12 hours.  And on the way home, it was definitely 12 hours.  #WOOF
  • Getting used to a long vacation of eating and boozing and relaxing makes it that much harder to get back to reality.  
  • Unlike our Michigan vacation last month, THERE WAS NO ICE CREAM.  I mean, at least if I'm going to eat like crap, let me eat like crap in a delicious fashion, please?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Introducing Miss Maeven

I know that there's been nothing but radio silence around here lately... but an occasion this big deserves a post!

What I only briefly mentioned 10 months ago was that 2 weeks after my wedding, one of the other BFFs in our core group got married. 

It was exactly 2 weeks after my wedding day, on a day completely and totally different than mine - it was 80 degrees and pouring rain - the girl directly to my right got married!  It was beautiful and SO much fun, and, as I mentioned before, I danced my ass off.

Ahhh, how things were different 10 months ago!

She has been enjoying her newlywedded life since then, and we were so thrilled last Friday when she brought us all the newest love of our life:  Maeven, a tiny new bundle of joy.

We were so lucky because Miss Mae's appearance coincided perfectly with a time when all of the BFFs were going to be together.  So perfect!  


It was lovely to get time for each of us to snuggle the tiny, perfect bundle.  

And then, after a few tears, she passed out on my chest for an hour.  It was definitely the best hour of my week.

Is there anything more perfect than a fresh, new baby?  Yes, the smell of that baby's sweet head, which I could smell all morning the next day.

Le sigh.  I think I have The Fever

Monday, July 21, 2014

#SBwed: Month 10


 I mean... let's just ignore the fact that this is 3 weeks late.  AKA we are closer to month 11 than month 10.  WHATEVER.

  • The weather is warm!  Sun is shining!  And yet... it's been weirdly cold.  Like - we've had multiple days this month that we can open the windows until at least noon because it's so chilly.
  • RH family vacation!   This technically happened just past the 10 month mark, but we are so boring that I'm putting it on this month.  We went with the RH family up to South Haven, Michigan for a couple of days at the end of July.  The weather was chilly, so the beach wasn't SO fun (more like SO cold) - but it was perfect weather for strolling and hanging out. 
  • Spending quality time with the RH family.  They all live within an hour or so from us, but it's hard to get the gang together.  It was nice to relax and unwind with no agenda.
  • Vacation food.  Which, on this particular vacation, was ICE CREAM.  Mr. RH is typically not ice cream's biggest fan, but he had a change of heart on this vacation.  Praise the Lord.  See the blueberry ice cream below.  #yum
  • If you are ever in South Haven, MI, you MUST divert yourself from the beach to head to Sherman's Ice Cream. Yes, it's located on the side of the highway, but it's literally the best ice cream I've ever had in my life. DO IT.

  • Vacation with 18 people.  Do you know how hard it is to find restaurants for 18 people?  Cause it's WAY hard.  We had a few disastrous incidents on the trip, but overall it was SO fun.  Totally worth it!
  • Detoxing from vacation food.  I love a good salad but eating like a bird blows.  Know what else blows?  The fact that My Fitness Pal says my husband can eat TWICE as many calories as me in one day.  Asshole.
  • Why isn't every day vacation?

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