Monday, November 10, 2014

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

I have been burning to get a post out of my fingertips for days... but unfortunately, work hit the fan over the past week and I feel like all I've done for the past 11 days is eat, sleep, and go back to work.  With a side of online shopping.

So I've been a bit of a zombie lately, but in the midst of the crazy I have been fixating on something that happened during Halloween.  I had been wanting to dress up as Rosie the Riveter for over a year now, ever since I had a cute headscarf in my Forever 21 cart a million years ago and it got away from me.  RIP F21 HEADSCARF.

Etsy to the rescue.

Bonus points to everyone who didn't think I was Lucille Ball.... which was approximately almost everyone.

Side note:  That pic was taken with my husband's brand spankin new iPhone 6 plus, which apparently besides being super ridiculous takes extremely sharp and focused pictures.  I mean, I can see every stray hair and forehead scrunch wrinkle.  Dang.  Luckily I should be the proud owner of a contract that's ready to be renewed on... Black Friday.

So I wore the scarf, loved the scarf, became obsessed with the scarf.  (Bandana?  Headband?)

Either way, one of my customers nominated this to be my "holiday look" for the year, and I'm pretty much obsessed.

I already have the red polka dot on the bottom left... and I need the red/white/blue because I'm American... but I'm just overwhelmed with possibilities for the other ones I need.

I mean.... the possibilities are endless when you think of clipping on a little pin, sparkly hairbow, etc.  I seriously don't know which ones to order.  (All these pics are from SandChica's etsy shop.)

I think I'm going to try to limit myself to maybe 5 head scarves.  That's not excessive, right? 

And damn if the shop isn't having a sale.  What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Every year on this day, I open my computer, go to my pictures and expect to see something new.  There's a little piece of my brain that can't reconcile the fact that there are no new pictures of my mom in there. 

I think that one of these days I will "get it", but the truth is that every time I pick up my phone or drive towards the side of town where we used to live, I kind of expect to see her, hear her voice.

If I look back at my old posts from these last few years (Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One), the same pattern seems to hold:  I've been at work super late, had less than 5 hours of sleep in multiple nights, and have an insane amount of things going on at work to distract me. 

I always think that I should maybe take a day off, mourn properly, but then I think that maybe the busy-ness distracts me from all of the sad, awful thoughts that are better left un-thought. 

But then again... just because I don't have the time or energy to say them out loud doesn't make them un-thought, right?


Over the years, I've realized that pain is something that scabs over, maybe heals entirely, but the memory of that pain, the memory of being that 22-year-old who really needs her mom right that minute - it never goes away.  

Time heals all wounds, yadda yadda yadda, but time is also a real asshole too, because it takes you further and further away from the one you love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Hobby 2014: Apple Orchards

About a month ago, Mr. RH and I were with his family when we made a spontaneous trip to the local apple orchard.  We bought lots of random, fun goodies - and I knew I was on a dangerous path.  I literally couldn't live one more day without a flippin cup of honeycrisp apple cider every hour on the hour.

Damn, I wish this picture was better.

Anyway, as we drove home, I immediately texted both BFF's with babies and told them we needed to make immediate plans to get to an orchard.

Plans were set and we were off with two tiny princesses in tow.

Princess #1 - my #BFFbaby who apparently doesn't have a name on my blog, except #BFFbaby.  It was so much easier when there was only ONE BFF baby, but now that there are two... I mean... #BFFbaby2 doesn't really have a great ring to it...

Princess #2 - Miss Maeven, the tiny peanut of the group.

Anyway, I loaded Miss Maeven into her carseat and she immediately gave me a big smile.  We had a 30-minute drive to the orchard, so I took this as a GREAT sign.  She was excited, we were going to have a great day!!

I mostly missed her smile with my camera... but trust me, she was happy!

We arrived at the orchard and were immediately assaulted by... bees!  Definitely not what we had planned for, but we improvised.

We found a random apple crate in the parking lot, ducked ourselves under a giant apple tree... and, well, #BFFbaby really worked it. 

You guys, I love all my friends babies with the fire of a thousand burning suns... but this cheese is literally too much to handle.

Her mom claims she learned all her cheese from me... and truthfully, I can't dispute that claim. 

That tongue kills me dead!!

On the other hand... #MissMaeven got like .24% of a nap in the car, which wasn't exactly her favorite thing ever.

And it might make me a bad aunt that I was like... well, sorry Maeven, we take what we can get around here even if that means a screaming baby.

Luckily, she had some cute buns on so that we could ignore her screaming face and focus on the cute butt.   And it was a really cute, pumpkin-y butt.

Don't tell me it makes me a bad aunt that I let her scream her head off for bursts so we could take a few photos.  Girl needs to learn how to act right in a picture or she's in for a world of pain with Aunt Sarah.  #poorbaby

Someday we will use these photos as proof that diva/sassy personality traits emerge early in the first year of life.

Until then, we can just use them to remember a lovely trip to the apple orchard.  Screaming baby and all.

Why oh why doesn't fall last forever?!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arkansas 2014

If you asked me what was the halfway point between my Texas family members and my Indiana family members was, I doubt I would ever answer Arkansas.  However, if you ask my dad and aunt, who were searching for midway-locations for vacation loving families... apparently, it's Arkansas.

Anyway, way back in August we packed up a (rented) minivan and drove 3 adult males and myself to Arkansas.  On the way, we played a game where we flipped the XM radio to various stations and if you guessed the correct artist you would win a point... and it was a CLOSE call with around 100 points each to my brother and I.   

Side note: Ed Sheeran and the guy from Passenger (the guy called Passenger?) sound almost exactly the same but they aren't!  Also, Ed Sheeran has more songs on the radio than ANYONE ELSE EVER.

Clarification:  Indiana to Arkansas is a long-ass drive.

The fun part about vacation is that it's basically a non-stop photo shoot because all of the new places and sun-kissed skin and good vacation happiness.

Luckily, we hung out in Arkansas for the most mild week of "southern" weather ever, meaning there was low low humidity and the temperature never got above 90 degrees.  MAJOR score.

We stayed at a vacation-rental-by-owner property that wasn't necessarily the nicest vacation home I've ever been in, but it was clean and had plenty of space, so everyone survived.

Of course, the private dock down by the water didn't exactly hurt our good moods.

I can't say that we really "did" much on vacation - other than roast marshmallows, catch up on my Goodreads reading list, take a duck-tour of downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas, and go up and down every single aisle at the local Wal-Mart (when in Arkansas...).

We also rented a pontoon boat on a pretty small lake... which resulted in Mr. RH shouting out to me that my hair looked bad and if I was going to be doing more posing than tubing that I should at least fix it if he was going to take a picture.

Noted.  Although I can't say it looks any better.

I forced my dad and brother to take pictures, and they only look 25% like escaped convicts (yay for vacation beards?) so that was exciting. 

We also discovered that certain candy wrappers (like leftover ones from my wedding) actually burst into colorful flames in the campfire.  I'm 99% sure that it's not super toxic or cancer causing, so we threw approximately 20 dozen of them into the campfire.

 Can you see the colors?!?

Luckily, we had the lake to ourselves for the entire week until our last day... at which points the hellion-raising neighbor children arrived.  Luckily, we had pretty much reached our lake quota at that point... and I was 20% covered in mosquito-welts.  Scratch scratch.

 Pffft as if I would waste a decent hair day by jumping in the lake.

And last but not least, I think we took my new favorite picture.  I can't say it's particularly flattering on my upper arm area, but the sun was so glowy that we literally look airbrushed.

And next time somebody asks me if I want to go to Arkansas in August.... I would probably say yes.  So relaxing, I almost forgot we had a 14 hour drive to get our butts home.

Is it vacation time again?  

(Sad note: NO.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So - this past week, I turned the age where I officially have forgotten what age I am.  No joke, I've officially answered wrong more times than I've answered correctly.... therefore, I believe I am diagnosed as senile.  Or old.

I have to put it in writing because it won't count otherwise - but this is the last year that I'm allowed to make my own cake.  It's time to pass on this own time-honored tradition of homemade cake and good frosting to my husband, who can one day pass it along to my children.

Because if I one day birth children who do not grow up to make me homemade cakes with delicious icing... my life is for naught. 

On another note... what in the eff can I blame my lame cake-frosting skillz on?  I'm pretty sure I need to take a class in this ASAP.  Cause whoa, bad.

Maybe next year?

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