Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bachelorette Party, Part 2

Day 2 of the bachelorette party dawned, cold and gloomy like the rest of the days.  Fortunately, we were prepared to celebrate with mimosas by the water.

After popping the champagne, I hopped into the water to retrieve the cork.  Nobody believed me, but the water was MUCH warmer than the air.  The hard part was getting out of the water, brrrr!

Hot n' Sexy Bikini Pic

We braved the wind and gloom for a couple of hours until the Lake Geneva mail delivery showed up - via boat.  They actually did a story on NBC news last week about this tradition, which hails back to when all mail at the lake arrived via boat.  Today, most everything comes via normal, truck-delivery, but they still deliver the paper via a tourist boat.

 After that excitement, we had pretty much worn out our zest for outdoor living (in the frigid cold), so we showered and got ready for our big evening plans.

Which just so happened to involve an underwear game and our roaring-twenties-finery.

 We attempted a picture in the middle of a windstorm, which was chilly and about as much fun as it looks.

 Try Not to Look Cold!

From there, we proceeded onto our dinner destination - The Baker House in downtown Lake Geneva. 

The house is an old mansion that was converted from a private residence to a restaurant and small boutique inn.  We came for dinner and the atmosphere did not disappoint.

Our flapper headdresses and outfits were quite the hit, also!  We got a great table (complete with roulette wheel in it).

After dinner, we prancer-cized (yes, as in the workout routine) ourselves to our last destination of the evening, a bar recommended by the waitress named "Hogs and Kisses"... it was packed to the gills with bachelorette parties, and we didn't make it long before I was calling for an early bedtime. 

Our third day at Lake Geneva dawned sunny and clear, although the water was still crazy choppy.  None of the other bachelorettes wanted to capture the moment, but I wanted to have the reminder that eventually, even after days of gloom, the sun WILL come out if you wait for it. 

And there you have it... my glam water-side Bachelorette Party turned glam cozy weekend.

I feel overly blessed with presents (the lingerie!) and friends, and am at how to thank everyone properly for driving hours and hours to celebrate with me.

I am the luckiest girl.  (52 days!)

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Even with the cold, it looks like so much fun -- and what a memorable weekend! I love the Gatsby-esque outfits . . . in fact, I feel like planting a bug in my sister's ear about that. :) My favorite! Yay!

And 52 days?! I'm at 102. The idea of getting into double digits is very nerve-wracking. Ahh!

wearingmascara said...

You are so cute! Glad you had fun despite the cold! xo

Tess said...

You precious little thing - what an amazing weekend. A few thoughts...

In the hot bikini picture - Where is that sweater from??? I'm obsessed with it - and that cutie pie picture!

The Gatsby theme in an old mansion in Lake Geneva? Freaking girls are too stunning.

And, can I tell you that a chilly weekend in a big house, with a bunch of besties sounds like my paradise??

Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun! And you look absolutely gorgeous!! :)

KatiePerk said...

You look stunning! Love the headpieces!!

Laura C said...

You look so gorgeous in these pictures. Perfect Bride to Be!
I'm really excited that I got to experience Lake Geneva this summer so that I'm not a clueless Californian when I read these posts. ;)

Becky Branch said...

OMG I am getting so excited for you! Y'all are the cutest bachelorette party ever. Yay!!!! It's almost here :) xo xo xo Becky

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