Friday, May 10, 2013

Dream Wedding Shoes

I think it may take me some time to fully recover from the trauma of yesterday.  As it turns out, there was no dead bird anywhere (thank GOD!), only tons of feathers ripped out at the root (oh man, starting to gag).  Seriously, one of the nastiest things I can ever remember that Mother Nature did to me.  Ugh.

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Obviously, today's post needs to scrape me off the floor a little bit and return some pep to my step.

Let's talk wedding shoes, shall we? 

And yes, by that I mean let's talk wedding shoes again.  I mean again, again.  

In my most recent last post, I was talking about having some wedding shoes made - and that's the path I'm still on right now. 

Despite my reservations, I went with the shoe the crowd voted for - shoe #4 - and started the customizing process. 

I tried to recall my favorite pair of shoes... and then I realized that I still had them.  Cue fashion show.

I wore these shoes to my college graduation, where they got ruined.  If they weren't ruined, I'd be signing up to wear them for the wedding.  Maybe.

They're an old brand of shoes that was exclusive to L.S. Ayres - and since they got bought out by Macy's - no dice.

I love the color, the embellishment, the retro-feel of them.  And, despite having graduated 4 years ago this month, and having completely ruined the shoes, I can't get rid of them.  I love them.

So, I actually requested to try on the shoes I was customizing before the custom work began - and thank GOODNESS I did.  They were actually too big in my normal size, which I know would end up with blisters.

Luckily, I'm sizing down - but I couldn't resist snapping a pic while I had them in my hands.

Despite the fact that a white wedding shoe has never appealed to me, having these on, seeing this picture... it puts my heart into a whole different rhythm.  

I'm getting married.  In 134 days.

Holy. cow.

Happy Friday!

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Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

LOVE fancy wedding shoes! How are you having them customized?

These were my wedding shoes last year..

Meg @ write meg! said...

Very cute shoes -- love them! And I love your retro red ones, too. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect red heel for my wedding... especially considering I'm wearing a tea-length dress, so the shoes will be visible to everyone.

I'm normally more of a wedge than a heel girl, so I'm super nervous about buying a shoe that is going to kill my feet. I actually have one pair I ordered online (because they were on clearance at David's Bridal!), and they're okay... I mean, I like the look of them, but I'm worried they're going to be far from comfortable. Hmm.

druz75 said...

i dyed my white shoes blue and they were my "something blue" on my wedding day

Becky Branch said...

I love the shoes! And I cannot believe you will be a married woman so soon :) So excited for you all! And we do need MORE pictures of you and Mr. RH :) Take the damn picture girlfriend ;-) xo Becky

Dexter Louis said...

Red wedding shoes wow… I’ll buy this pair for my friend because her wedding dress’s color is red and I hope it will a best combination for her.
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