Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Classy & Fabulous

It was quite a fun year here at Classy & Fabulous.  I posted 144 times, which feels like a LOT when I look at it now - but at the time, I felt like I barely posted at all.   And I didn't, especially as the year wore on.  I was a wee bit distracted.

And now, a recap of some of my favorite posts of the year.  Some of them are sentimental, some just random, and some I just love.  Can't wait for another exciting year here!  It's going to be one for the record books, don't you think?

January – 14 posts
o   Carbs and Butter.  Enough said. 
·         February – 16 posts
o   Posted about junk food a lot.  Let’s avoid that trap in 2012, eh?  (No, I won't link to them.  I don't think we need to relive those.)
·         March- 17 posts
o   I had a dream about a celebrity and also of ablog friend.  Most vivid dream I’ve had all year.  
o   Got a Fancy New Camera Lens, too bad it didn’t come with a how-to manual.  Oh wait, yes it did.  I just didn’t read it. 
·         April – 13 posts
o   Decided What to Wear to the Royal Wedding.  Hypothetically. Literally.
·         May – 14 posts
·         June  – 15 posts
o   On the 1st, I posted that I mighthypothetically be ready to start dating again.  It was just a thought in my head that maybe I was ready.  This was my most-commented post of the year, besides my 3rd Birthday Post Giveaway.
o   On June 14th, I posted about the mostinsane sunburn EVER.  And hinted that some personal changes were upcoming.  I met Mr. RH (for real) on June 9th.
·         July – 9 posts
o   I found vagina humor on  It’s still funny to me. 
o   I started running and actually kept up with itfor 2 months.  And then I fell off the bandwagon.  Goal for 2012, anyone? 
o   I was SO nervous to introduce you all to Mr.RH.  And now I can’t imagine having kept him a secret any longer.  And I still can't get over how RH he is.
·         August – 11 - posts
o   I recapped my July trip to Hawaii in 3 posts here and here and here. 
o   Talked about My Good Girl.  Yes, that oneStill haven’t done anything but talk about it.
o   Found a lump, got scared, held his hand.  Found out it was nothing.  
o   Went to my first wedding with Mr. RH.  A fun experience, especially since we had only been dating for a very short time.  
·         September – 7 posts
o   Let my boyfriend find my blog.  Was embarrassed, then proud. 
o   Talked about marriage with Mr. RH.  3 months into our relationship.  Deeeep breaths.  
·         October – 9 posts
o   Chopped my hair off.  It was ugly long but it’s worse now that it’s shorter.  NO WIN SITUATION. 
o   Celebrated 24 Years of my Life…. Ok, 25: 
o   Had Halloween fun with Mr. RH.  I love how much he enjoys holidays with me. 
·         November – 11 posts
·         December – 8 posts

                 o   Posted my annual book recap.  Fell way behind in reading.  I blame Mr. RH. 

2011 was quite a year.  I feel very blessed by all the ways life has surprised me this year... can't wait to see what's in store for 2012!  

Happy New Year!!

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Cardigan Chic said...

Loved following your blog this year!! Best wishes in 2012!!!

designHER Momma said...

2012 will be EPIC for you, I just know it. :)


LuvRedandWhite said...

I know that 2012 is going to be a great year for you :) XOXO

Missy said...

You had a great year! I'll never forget our hassle, trying to find a tree farm only for me to realize my company owned one :)

Rachel said...

2011 was pretty good to you!

Also, I love that I sort of kind of made it into this recap post :)

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