Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wine Wednesday: Happy New Year!

So far... the New Year has been... meh?  I've worked every day so far (THREE!) and Mr. RH had the stomach flu which was fun for no one involved.  I wasn't involved, but I did feel really bad and motherly and worried.

I know, hard life.

I'm going to squeeeeeeeze the last few minutes out of the Christmas season as best I can.  I haven't even blogged about anything Christmas-y yet.  Is it too late for that?

If you need something of substance to read... check out my 2011 Recap or my Classy Bookshelf 2011 posts.  Two of my favorites of the year, I think!

Cheers, 2012!  Let's hope it gets a little better with a couple days off...

4 Classy Comments:

Becky said...

ooh that looks delish! The only kind of wine I like is moscato because it's sweet!

Gretchen said...

That wine rocks! We bought a second bottle because the first was so tasty...and now I wish we had more :).

Missy said...

Stomach flu here, too. UGH is what I've named it. Hope Mr. RH feels better soon, for both of you ;)

Eleanor said...

That winery is not far from where I live!!!

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