Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A week or so ago, I sketched out a huge list of blog posts that have been bouncing around in my brain from far too long.

Which is awesome, cause it got them off my mind. And then I lost the piece of paper. SWEET!

(I know, I'm so retro! I can't even believe I still remember how to write with a ballpoint pen. How 20th century!)


Work has been crazy-busy lately... and for once, it has been going really well. Not to be braggy (who are we kidding here?), but I kinda kicked ass late last week. I felt like I had everything under control (except in my head - it was chaos there).

And then there were some recent developments of a more personal nature that just had me amped up around the clock. Can't eat, can't sleep - that kind of thing...

And I pinky promise that I will update you all on the situation as soon as there is something to tell.

But for now, I'm running the show at work this week and need to do a good job. For my sanity. To prove that I can be awesome.

Although, with all the distractions I seem to keep stumbling into - I just hope everything just doesn't go up in flames.

Like this grilled orange bell pepper that I may have forgotten about on the grill. What, you don't like charring?

Or, you know, flaming-ly burnt like the back of my poor knees.

I know you can't see a damn thing in this picture (except the weird bow-leggedness of my legs?) because there's no contrast between all the redness... but let me just assure you that being burnt on the back of your knees is maybe the worst place to be burnt, ever.

Especially when your job involves walking around all day (bad, but not so bad) and bending over and cleaning up messes (omg, worst pain ever. don't bend the knees, ever!).

So if you see me walking around dazed and confused... just point me in the direction of Victoria's Secret. Their semi-annual sale starts at 7 am and at least I'll probably be able to do some minor damage in my distracted state.

Also, you should always pay attention to your grill while grilling. It's a fire hazard.

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ty said...

Back of the knees burn = worst thing ever. I feel ya on that one. Woof.

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

On a HS spring break trip to Florida, I got a horrible sunburn on my back - including the backs of my legs. My best friend was with me, and either because she's amazing or because she was tired of hearing me whine and cry, she sat by my bed for hours putting cool washcloths on my legs and blowing cool air on them until I went to sleep. That's true friendship!!! (I am diligent about the sunscreen now though!)

Rachel said...

I burnt the back of my knees once in FL and it was HORRIBLE. I am always prone to sunburn, but I've never been in that much pain. It was so awful. My heart goes out to you! Go get yourself some aloe!

etta said...

I've been living the work week from hell. I can't handle it. I just want to stay in bed and never go back! At least you have wine to help you through the rough times! haha.

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