Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: It's a Girl!

Meet my new addition:
She needs a name. Suggestions?

(Cake pop/ball tutorial coming up Friday.)

(I suck at this wordless thing, eh?)

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Brittany said...

Delilah! I have no idea why, the name just came into my head.

Ashley Paige said...

Looooove. I'm saving up for my next lens- Or begging for it for Mother's Day! I'm going to say Trixie! Funny that Brittany said Delilah! That's the name of my Lexus. LOL :)

PS. Do you EVER get any of my tweets? I know you don't follow me (Sads!) but I do try to tweet you and I'm hoping you just never get them and that you don't think im cray-cray. LOL (@LvdMoreThnCrrts)

Happy Wednesday!

PinkSass said...

wait...what is it?

Anonymous said...

ohhh nice! I'm jealous of everyone with really good camera's. :)

All Things Cherish said...

Ooh la la! From the title of the post I was expecting a puppy, a lens is just as good!

Cole said...

Oh, nice!! I like Delilah. :-) I also suggest Lulu and Bronwyn.

Mens Suits said...

Hmm i guess that lense is a for DLSR camera type am i right? I will suggest a name of girl "Micah" well maybe that name will be help yah.

d.a.r. said...

Oooohhh fancy pants!! You will have to tell us how you like it!!

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