Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Couch to 5k

Are you sitting down right now? Cause you might need to be.

No! Not like that, Mr. RH and I are not married and expecting a baby. CALM DOWN!

Moving along.

I just finished Week 6 of Couch to 5k.

That's right, I've been exercising at least 3 times a week for the past 6 weeks and this is the first time I'm posting about it. I know, I don't even know who I am anymore either.

If you've been reading this blog for most any length of time, you know that I hate exercise. HATE IT. Loathe.

In 2009 I completed a successful course of the 30 Day Shred with an awesome group of bloggy ladies. It was good and I enjoyed it, but my knees were killing me and I promptly dropped off the wagon on the 28th of September. NICE!

Since then, I have done the Shred intermittently (most recently in March) but I could never really get into it. I always wimped out and ended up quitting a couple of minutes early - which is lame because the workout is about 25 minutes long.

I had seen the couch to 5k hype on twitter and I was intrigued, but my dad talked me out of it. My dad has been doing triathlons since I can remember and runs at least 3 times a week.

And one day, after a particularly uninspired round of The Shred, I downloaded couch to 5k. And sat on it for a week.

Took my time adding a playlist. Which, come to think of it, needs updated badly. I am sick of all my songs!

My first week, I thought I might die. It wasn't so much the running - the moving of my feet - that was hard so much as it was my cardiovascular un-fitness. I was out of shape!

Since then, I try and do the program every other day. I plan it around my work schedule (I don't run if I have an 8 am meeting) and I don't skip, even on the weekends. I find that the days that I run I am starving all day but also super-energetic.

I'm finally drinking the Kool-Aid and am totally feeling a tiny twinge of the exercise high that everyone always talks about (and I never understood).

Today's goal was 25 minutes of uninterrupted running. If you had asked me to do that 6 weeks ago, I probably couldn't have made it around the block. Did I have to take about 1.5 minutes of walking breaks? Yes I did, although I think that has to do with the ungodly heat and humidity Indiana's torturing me with.

Anyway, this post doesn't have much of a point except to say:
A) Couch to 5k is kinda awesome
B) running means you can consume more margaritas/ice cream/Mexican food/junk with your new BOYFRIEND with fewer fat rolls and
C) I am awesome.

Carry on. Happy Tuesday.

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Tess said...

Good for you Sarah - that's freaking awesome. Before we know it you'll be writing about the marathon your training for and running with Mr. RH!

punkinmama said...

Way to go! I started Couch to 5K a few months ago... but I haven't been as good at getting it in 3 times a week. But I would have never thought I'd be running at all, so there's that. I also started 30 Day Shred 15 days ago. I actually really like it and hope I can keep it up!

Emily said...

I have had couch to 5k for several months and still can't find the motivation to do it so congrats to you! Also congrats on your new boyfriend...I love reading your twitter updates about him! They are so funny!

Aly said...

YAY Boyfriend! Congrats on the couch to 5k! That's awesome!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I am on week five of this program and am now dreading week six. haha. 25 minutes of straight running...say it isn't so!

Tiffany said...

C25K totally works! I started it in January and literally couldn't run from my house to the stop sign...which is 3 houses! I couldn't imagine how I would be able to run 3 miles...but at the end if March I actually ran a 10K! Crazy stuff I tell you. Keep it up, you are doing great!!

Heather said...

Woo hoo! Good for you! That is awesome. I confess I have started C25K a couple of times but have not gotten past week 4. :(

Amanda said...

Hahahaha Happy Tuesday to you too!

Missy said...

I started the program & made it thru week 3. Then, chaos and moving happened. I'm hoping if the heat index ever drops below 110* again (not kidding) that I can start back up. Good job!!!

Carolyn said...

I loved c25k too! Until I didn't do it for like 3 months. Me = fail. You = great job! :)

the workaholic momma said...

Congrats girl!!! I just started this same thing this week and the first day was awful. Im hoping to do day 2 tonight if the stupid heat advisory we have doesn;t ruin it for me:( Glad to hear you've enjoyed it!

Melanee said...

i'm on wk 3 of couch to 5k, so congrats on your 6 wks!

Sincerely Sara Cate said...

Loving that running Koolaid = more margs + more BF dates...Congratulations!

California Wife said...

Yay, so proud of you! I would love to take up running, but have just never thought I could do it! Couch to 5K definitely sounds like the way to go.

Impulsive Addict said...

I am on week 8. I am loving it too. What I am NOT loving is the 108 degree temps outside. I'm so glad my gym has a track inside. Otherwise, I would be dead from heat exhaustion.


Sarahviz said...

How awesome! I am so proud of you!

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