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Wedding Photos: The Reception

When we left off last, I had just posted bride and groom photos from after the wedding

And just like that... we were off to the reception!

We took a quick breather to powder our noses and I ran into my college BFFs in the bathroom.  I confided in them that I was SUPER nervous for Mr. RH and my first dance - so we did what any sane person would do - called him into the bathroom and practiced there in the carpeted bathroom.

I really wish someone had snapped a pic - and actually, I think someone might have, so I'm going to look into getting those photos.  Halfway through our big dance, one of the servers from the venue walked out of a stall and joined in on the dance-watching action.  Hilarious!

After a few more minutes of making sure we had everybody's name pronunciation down... we were ready to hit the reception!

First, we shared a quick prayer with one of my college roommates (and Ruth's momma!

My dad said a few words next... and then maybe we ate?  I'm not positive.  Speeches first?  Who knows. 

BFF spoke first - she put together a slideshow of the last 13 years we had together.  WEEEEEP.

I was fine for a while, totally chillin.  And then I was SO NOT FINE.

Luckily, I don't call her BFF for just any old reason.  She fixed my face right up. 

I was ready for the boys speeches.  They were totally un-emotional (so masculine!) and I was able to chill myself back out from my sob-fest.

And then it was time for cake!

And first bites - with NO cake-throwing.

And then I informed Mr. RH that the bite he fed me was wimpy, and I was going in for more.

Nobody said I wasn't classy!

My college friends clearly enjoyed the moment. Cute!

And then it was time for a Sarah torture session.  DANCING!  Fancy dancing!

Luckily, we took 2 dancing lessons.  Maybe 3.  We played our song for the lady, let her imagine the correct moves for the song.

I sorta wish we had video of the dance... but it lives on in my memory as pretty awesome, and I don't remember messing up at all.  Win win!

The song was "You are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne.  Probably not the easiest song to dance to (I am a horrific slow dancer), but in the end I think we ended up with something pretty awesome.

I only included the picture above because I LOVED my wedding shoes!!  Yay!

And then it was over!  How cute is my husband in the pic below?  Especially because he had to whisper the moves into my ear as I got  nervous when we were dancing. 

And then - it was time to dance with my dad.  We had no such amazing moves planned, and my dad would probably rather NOT dance in front of anyone, ever.

We made it work.  Unfortunately, they played the looooong sad version of the song "Walk with You" by Edwin McCain.  

I really don't think I cried all that much until the last minute.  Or so I claim now.  I think I really only teared up, no huge tears.  #victory

And then the dancing was off to the races.  Of course, there was only ONE way to kick it off.... "September" by Earth Wind and Fire.


"Do you remember the 21st night of September?" 

Which happens to be the day we got married.  Pretty perfect, RIGHT?!

Not gonna lie, I'm not sure I could have stumbled upon a more perfect first song if I tried.

Can you see that gnarly scrape on my back?  Who knows what the heck I was into in that dress!?

Lots of twirling, that's for sure.

And then, halfway through the night, one of the college traditions I was most excited about - "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.  

During college, we threw a little bachelorette party one night at a bar.  Midway through the night, they played the very popular Taylor Swift song at our request... and we cooked up a little plan - when Taylor sings about "He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said..." - everybody (including the groom, which apparently I failed to warn Mr. RH about) kneels down to propose to the bride (to-be, at the time).

Naturally, the tradition has held up through many bachelorette parties and all the corresponding weddings.  I love a good cheesy tradition.

And then, of course, I tossed the bouquet.  To the song "Raining Men" by Rihanna and Nikki Minaj.  Because my ladies are ALL amazing and I really loved how that song celebrated that.  

And then - we danced.  And danced.

And I forced Mr. RH to dance to "Blurred Lines", which almost prematurely ended our marriage (he HATES that song, SOOOO SO much.)

 The Mary Kate and Ashley pose strikes again!

Stealing kisses.

And last but not least - I taught our oldest flower girl the YMCA.  She was seriously awesome, and she LOVED the loud music and dancing.  Her sisters?  Not so much.

And that, my friends, was our wedding reception.

I was pretty overwhelmed with the whole thing - I had a blast, and I had worried SO MUCH that I would be the only one having fun.

But judging by the amount of booze consumed.... I think the night was a success.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Gorgeous, and looks like so much fun! Love that you were so nervous about your first dance you practiced in the bathroom -- such a sweet moment. I was nervous, too, but Spence and I just did the stereotypical "holding close" sway with no actual dance moves . . . I cried most of the time, haha. I wouldn't have remembered any steps, anyway! Love all the dancing, the dresses, the fun . . . lovely day!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The photos turned out amazing! It looks like it was such a fun time!

Sonya said...

You have many great reception photos! Several weddings that I went to all did something special for either American Pie or Sweet Caroline, I can't remember. I haven't seen that happen for awhile so they must have moved on. We are going to a big wedding in August so I'm interested to see what they do. At our wedding my husband and his mom danced to James Blunt's Your Beautiful because she used to call him when she heard the song for some funny reason. Didn't realize it had a curse word in it because I'd never heard that version, but sure enough the DJ played that version. I didn't hear it but others were telling me. Ooops. It was funny considering the song was kind of a joke to them anyway so I guess it was perfect:)

Clwyd Probert said...

The kiss shot is absolutely breathtaking. It's so dynamic and romantic at the same time! And I can just imagine the feeling while you were dancing to "Walk with you" in the background. It must have been quite magical. Your tears and these photographs are a testament to the beauty and effort you put into that once-in-a-lifetime event. I just love these shots, and you had the most wonderful wedding. Best wishes for your family this year!

Clywyd Probert @ Pixcellence.co.uk

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