Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wedding Photos: Bride and Groom Portraits

After that brief break yesterday to talk celebrities, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming of Wedding Photos All The Time.

The good thing - I think we have only 4 wedding photo posts left after this one.

The bad thing - I have no clue what I used to blog about before All The Wedding Things.

I guess I can cross that bridge when I come to it, eh?

So - we left off with group wedding photos.  I must say - they are definitely some of my favorites from the wedding.  Especially the girl photos (I am in no way biased.) 

Once again, CarisDesign knocked it out of the park with our bride and groom portraits.

The big hit of this photo session was alllll about the veil.  Loooove.

My one gripe of that photo above is I really wish it had the whole dress in it.  Oh well, I love it regardless.


Looking at these photos - I don't even know who that girl is.

Many thanks to the bridesmaids and my photographer's husband for tossing that veil into the air when the wind failed us.

The picture above is so moody.  Much like my husband after 2+ hours of photos and no snacks.  (Ahem, not that I would ever be moody.)

I swoon at the way the sunlight filtered through the trees at times.  Looks like a fairytale to me - I can't believe I used to play in this park as a kid.

Part of me cringes because this photo (above) seems so pinterest-y - but I really love it.  Of course - my hands look like a dry old lady even though I had been really good moisturizing and babying them leading up to the wedding. 

If I had closed my eyes in the photo below, it would have seemed MUCH less weird, no?  Damn me and my open eyes.

Love my husband's smile in this one.

And those are the wedding portraits!  I'm still a little bummed that there's not a good close-up photo of the two of us after the ceremony - although I'm sure I'd be griping about no full-length photos if I had none of those.

Silly bride, always complaining for something else.  Geesh.

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Jeanie said...

Those are lovely.

Sonya said...

More great photos! Did any of yours come out bad? I love the one with the rings. We have one with our hands on top of my flowers and it's still one of my favorites both in color and in black and white.

Sarah said...

I still can't over how gorgeous your photos are and that VEIL is amazing!! I'm in love with your photos! So beautiful!!

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