Monday, March 17, 2014

Wedding Photos: The Details

The thing about a wonderful, busy wedding day is that the whole thing is a blur.

A beautiful, sparkly, perfect blur.

I'm extremely thankful that all the "detail" shots our photographers took came out perfectly and are even more beautiful than I remember in my mind's eye.

The dress - so perfectly fitted and lacy - is the Enzoani "Gwyneth" style.   I still can't believe I borrowed my wedding dress.  Talk about a budget saver!

I feel like it looks much smaller in this pic than it did for the dancing.  I felt like a cloud all night.  A big, sweaty cloud.

Ohh the shoes.  Custom-made shoes were worth every penny, and I'm 99% sure they're the most expensive shoes I will ever own unless my whole life changes for some reason.  And I become famous.  And rich.

And no, I wouldn't have had any custom made if I had found a similar color for anywhere close to the price I paid.  I didn't!

Ohh, those sweet flower girl dresses.  I'm SO glad our original dresses didn't pan out and we had to rush order these at the last minute.  Those bows were just perfection.  Flower Girl Dress For Less.  Do NOT order a $200 dress through a bridal shop, do not do it!!  (And they didn't pay me to say that, it's just common sense.)

My most prized possessions, pre-wedding.  Engagement and college ring.

I love these bouquets so much I would marry them if I could.  Red, red roses.  Boring but classic.

My toss bouquet had dahlias from my florist's (beautiful!) garden. I kinda wish she had mixed them into the bridesmaids bouquets, but either way - stunning. Also, I kinda wish I had more pics of this bouquet.

The mantle at our reception hall. Probably one of my favorite features in the place - hence why we sat right in front of it at the reception.

Somewhere around 48-hours pre-wedding I determined that any guest book ideas I had were out.  After a lot of pinterest-ing.... bam, Jenga guest book.  Don't ask me what I was thinking.... I was tired.  And Mr. RH and I have never (pre or post-wedding) played Jenga together.  

The centerpieces were a total DIY job (which included, but was not limited to, drinking 50+ bottles of wine).. and of course, the "expensive" centerpieces with more flowers, the ones I paid more for - I do not have a single pic of any of those. And I can't recall seeing them, so I hope they actually made an appearance at the wedding or I wasted a few hundred bucks for sure. Haha.

 I also don't have a pic of our signature cocktails.... "red and blue drink" as I affectionately called them.  So - picture that in your mind.


Looks almost as good as it tasted.   HOWEVER, I'm pretty sure I never got to taste the lemon-raspberry layer, which was the thing we were looking forward to the most. I forgot that I was even pissed about that!  (I have the memory of a goldfish!)

More rings.

When we started shopping for Mr. RH's wedding ring, we didn't really have a vision in mind.  (With my engagement ring... we*cough*me had a vision.)  I had some ideas, but when I spotted this ring online - I was sold.

You see, it had the gold inlay - that, beyond looking beautiful, reminds me of the gold in the other ring I wear every day.  It was fate!

I'm sure my photographer thought I was crazy for requesting so many three-ring photos.  No, not polygamists, just really obsessed with my class ring.

Roses and rings... does it get any better?  No.

Folks.... the end of wedding pics is within sight!

As in - I think we'll be wrapped up by Friday!  And then I will probably be a little bit sad.  And have to figure out what it means to blog again.  GULP.

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Mrs. Jones said...

Absolutely stunning details! I love all of the ring shots!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Such beautiful details! That cake is stunning.

Jeanie said...

I'm enjoying all the pictures, and I LOVE your rings.

Melanie said...

Whoa! My dress was an Enzoani, too! Granted, I did not have such luck as to borrow it.... but still. Weird. :) Love all the little details of the special day!

Sonya said...

Your dress is gorgeous and I love the story of how you acquired it! I love that you did all red roses. Simple, classic and so pretty!

Ileana said...

So beautiful!!! Your dress is gorgeous :)


Ricky Rowe said...

I love, love, love the idea of borrowing a wedding dress and would love to hear more on how that was acquired. The thought of saving so much money is brilliant. Weddings are so expensive and you found a way to tone down the extraordinary costs. I also love those red roses. Simple, elegant and yet so classy and lovely.

Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert

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