Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Introducing Miss Maeven

I know that there's been nothing but radio silence around here lately... but an occasion this big deserves a post!

What I only briefly mentioned 10 months ago was that 2 weeks after my wedding, one of the other BFFs in our core group got married. 

It was exactly 2 weeks after my wedding day, on a day completely and totally different than mine - it was 80 degrees and pouring rain - the girl directly to my right got married!  It was beautiful and SO much fun, and, as I mentioned before, I danced my ass off.

Ahhh, how things were different 10 months ago!

She has been enjoying her newlywedded life since then, and we were so thrilled last Friday when she brought us all the newest love of our life:  Maeven, a tiny new bundle of joy.

We were so lucky because Miss Mae's appearance coincided perfectly with a time when all of the BFFs were going to be together.  So perfect!  


It was lovely to get time for each of us to snuggle the tiny, perfect bundle.  

And then, after a few tears, she passed out on my chest for an hour.  It was definitely the best hour of my week.

Is there anything more perfect than a fresh, new baby?  Yes, the smell of that baby's sweet head, which I could smell all morning the next day.

Le sigh.  I think I have The Fever

3 Classy Comments:

Annie said...

Ahh you're a natural!!!

Tess said...

Alright, all these babies are just killing me!!! And I love her name!!

Would you kill me if I asked you when you are going to give us one of these bundles?!?

Jeanie said...

Such a beautiful baby!

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