Monday, July 2, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive

First of all, there's still time to win a $25 Target gift card by asking me an awesome question.  Or a lame one, it's really up to you.  So.  Go do that, ok?

I've been having a really fun time sifting through them and trying to figure out how to answer them.

Nicole asked…
Who's on your laminated list? and I swear if you do not get this friends reference I cannot be friends with you. 

At first, I was all "laminated list?" but then I realized it was a Friends reference and we were cool.  A laminated list, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a list people (typically celebrities) for whom you would request a free pass. 

Meaning, you would sleep with them if you got the chance.  This list is rough (meaning, I'm not sure I'd laminate).  Currently the top 5 in my head are (in no particular order):

Um, can my list end at 4??  I'm SURE I'm leaving off someone AWESOME.  I just... meh.

In reality?  I would never, EVER EVER sleep with a celebrity.  The thought makes me gag.  Even though I know not all male celebrities are scum, I don't think I would ever feel comfortable enough with them to go for it.  It gives my brain an STD just to think about it.  And there aren't enough condoms in the world for that.

Excellent question though.  Anybody got a suggestion for #5??  Who'd I miss?

Tara asked...

I don't know if ever asked you this- it's my go-to question for posts like this.. have you ever thrown up in public?

I don't think I would say I've thrown up in public.  I was an RA in college, and one of the responsibilities was, during senior week (the week after classes end but before graduation), we had to babysit the front desk of the dorms. 

One night, all the awesome RAs played a combination of beer pong and liquor flip cup.   For several hours, in the hallway of the dorm.  Apparently, on the 3rd floor (my floor!), you could hear us screaming in the lobby.

At 7 am, my shift came to babysit the desk.   I felt fine, but 2 hours of sleep wasn't sufficient.  Neither was my empty stomach.  I may have barfed in the first floor toilets of the dorm.  At least twice.

But a dorm isn't exactly public, is it? 

Also, playing drinking games with liquor is awesome.  Also, there is more to this story that would make an AMAZING post for another day.  MORE TO COME...

Unknown asked

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your days you'd choose what?

Dear Unknown, I'm sorry but I won't be able to give you a gift card.  Cause you're unknown like that.

If I had to eat one thing... gosh, this is TOUGH.  It'd be a Chinese dish, probably chicken or pork fried rice.  I could eat it a LOT.

If it had to be one dessert: vanilla ice cream with various toppings. Caramel and nonpareil sprinkles at the top of that list.  Trust.

Anon asked..

Did you ever get waxed?

Dear Anon, did you feel nervous that I would judge you because you asked about my good girl??

Cause I wouldn't and I totally wish I knew who you were.  Cause people who talk about good girls are basically AWESOME.

So, to recap, I asked everyone if there was a superior method of removing the hair from one's good girl.  I got a bunch of responses, all awesome.

And I've been waiting for a Groupon for the best waxing place in Indy to try it out... and there was one.  And I fell asleep before I bought it.

Amateur hour!  Next time I'm buying it - and I'm taking all of you with me.  PROMISE.

Megan M asked…

All-time favorite wine?

So, I've posted 16 different wine posts on this blog.  All of them somewhat awesome in their own way.

In reality?  I'm just not a wine connoisseur.  Like, at all.  I like them cheap and sweet.

So my favorite is probably Moscato, my most frequent one being the Barefoot Moscato.  Cheap, easy to drink, sweet.

Like I said... I'm not that sophisticated. 

Jeanie asked…

I've noticed you buy a lot from Forever 21. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's where you work. Would I be correct?

So, this question made me laugh out loud.  I know we all shop at different Forever21s, but I am OS far the opposite of the 5 foot nothing, 96 pound girl who works at the Forever21s where I shop.

So, no, I definitely do not work at Forever21.  And if you notice very closely, I typically ONLY shop Forever21 online.  I used to buy in the stores, but since I spend my days at the malls - Forever21 is the most stressful place on the planet.  The only thing I typically buy in-store is jewelry (or sunglasses if I leave mine at home that day).

I can't imagine working in such a loud, hot (is my store the only one that's ALWAYS a 100 degreess?) and messy.  Thank GOD I don't work there.  OMG.

Megan asked…

If money was no object, what clothing and shoe store would you shop in? And you talk about Mr. RH's new apartment, so does that mean you might be moving in there one of these days?

Ohh, the first part of this question is IMPOSSIBLE!  So, the 2nd... I am not planning on moving in with Mr. RH.  Since I'm Catholic (and living with my pretty-old-school-Catholic dad)... yeah, that's not probably going to happen.  Until after I jog both ways down the aisle.

As for the shopping... SO TOUGH.   I think that LOFT would probably be my choice for a clothing store.  I don't always love a ton of their stuff, but the quality is pretty good and I think they have a lot of variety in terms of style.  It's weird - as I get older, I gravitate towards more comfortable clothes and less glitz.  Am I getting old??

For shoes... this is tough.  I'm not a great shoe person, I've posted about it before - I have had a hard time buying shoes since my mom died.  I dunno what it is, but I just never know if I'm getting the right pair.  And shoe salespeople stress me out (except about running shoes).

So, for me, DSW would be my shoe pick.  You can't always find what you need... but I can usually find something that works for me. And this proves the fact that I am SO not a shoe label person.  Anything will do!

I think that was a LOT of words for some pretty simple questions, don't you?  Haha.  Who knew I had so much to say?!

Oh, everyone.  I get it.

Happy Monday!!

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Meg @ write meg! said...

As a fellow lady not planning on living with her guy before engagement/marriage, I offer you a salute. :) I have to answer the moving-in question from friends, coworkers, family, etc., constantly, and it gets... old. And people are judgy. (Firefox tells me that "judgy" isn't a word, but I'm maintaining it is.)

Also, I like my wine cheap and sweet, too! My BF and I were just in Napa (that sounds pretentious...) and enjoyed some of the wines we sampled, but the one we liked best was $45 a bottle! Cue spit take. No way.

Megan M. said...

So excited I made it on the blog! My favorite wine is probably the sauv blanc from Barefoot. Actually, pretty much anything by Barefoot.

The Lovely One said...

Hilarious! I especially like the waxing question/answer.... you're very brave! I'm not sure that I want anyone putting hot wax near my "good girl!"

Beth's Blog said...

haha happy Monday!

Lea said...

Umm..I just found your blog today and since our Top 5 are so eerily similar, I think I need to start following you. Although, I'd remove Bradley Cooper and add Alexander Skarsgard. Love Hugh and George!

kate said...

If you were a cast member of The Real Housewives franchise what would your tag line be?

tara said...

i need to hear more about playing drinking games with liquor..

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