Monday, August 22, 2011

Talking About My (and Your) Good Girl

First of all, thanks for all your sweet comments last week. Obviously it was a week of highs and lows on the blog but I love love LOVE sharing it with all of you. As both events were ongoing, I thought of you all often. So... yeah, I love my blog readers. Deal with it.


You know, I've gone through different phases on this blog. Phases where I tried to be funny, phases where I kept everything very PG, and very few (if any) where I went PG-13.

But if anyone in my life were to attest to my personality, they would most definitely say I am way more PG-13 than I am rated G.

I typically try to keep this space mostly embarrassment-free... but, to be honest, I am not easily embarrassed. (Easy to type that when I'm sitting here with sweaty palms and you can't see me.)

Once upon a time, I was a fine-and-flaxen-haired lass of 13. Around this time, my friends and I began going through some "changes." I'm sure you're all aware of the changes of which I speak.

Pimples, cycles, whoremones, - but most important of all - hair.

Unbeknownst to me, my BFFs and I all took a similar stance on The Hair Situation.

See that razor in your shower? We used it early and often, rocking "the bald eagle" before we knew it was (apparently) the thing to do.

We have maintained this semi-hairless state for the better part of 10 years now (holy crap, we are aging!) and over a pitcher (or three) of margaritas this summer, we have discovered something.

You see, starting at age 14 and continuing through college, I was a careless coed who thought that a razor on her Good Girl was the easiest solution to the problem. No harm, no foul except for the occasional ingrown hair.

Lo and behold, 3 years later, my BFFs and I have all noticed something creeping up on us. Age.

Gone is the peach fuzz of my 14-year-old self. In it's place is the beard of a fully grown man. (Not really, but it sure seems like it!)

The BFF's and I have decided that we need to leave the razors to the teenagers and move onto the next phase in our hair-removal life.

One of the BFFs, dumbass that she is, bought an at-home waxing kit and I'm surprised she even has a Good Girl left to work with after that debacle... suffice it to say that she is clearly The Dumb Friend.

So the question is.... what to do with the hair. Clearly shaving is for middle schoolers.

Soo.... waxing? Brazilian? Who's done it and my real questions is how do you find a good salon to do it at? I'm terrified I'll catch some awful disease at a small, local salon.

And then there's laser hair removal. Has anyone out there actually done that? I'm a wee bit terrified of lasers pointing at my Good Girl, especially to the tune of a thousand bucks... and I've heard it's not 100% permanent. Anybody wanna testify about that one?

I have a couple of friends who claim to live and let hair grow but that terrifies me. I am not down with jungle fever. I don't think. Unless it has some hidden benefits that I am unaware of.

And if there's another option out there that I should know about... I'm all ears!

(And if you think I'm putting Nair anywhere near my Good Girl, you are HIGHLY mistaken. That shiz is toxic!)

Feel free to post anonymously on this one... I realize that not everyone thinks their Good Girl is a topic for open discussion. Clearly, I have a few screws loose so I'm obviously going to open this topic up for discussion.

The question is... will anybody comment? That's the risk you run around here...

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

You should have just asked me on Twitter! I have done Brazilians for years, but have a bit of a different "look" now.

Anyway, you want to go somewhere that has a lot of experience if you are going to do a Brazilian. One, because if they don't have experience they will go to slow and it will hurt. Two, a real Brazilian takes EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

And personally, I find that am Eastern European chick or a gay guy does a lot better job than a white girl aesthetician. Just my personal experience.

Michelle said...

Spend the money on a Brazilian. You'll be good for a while...perfect for summer & vacays. And, it's worth every bit of the $50 to $80 you spend on it.

A good salon will have aestheticians who know what they're doing. They'll also use a new stick for every wax application. Definitely do a little weed whacking/hedge trimming before you go. If you feel the need to take Advil or Tylenol before, by all means, do so.

It's not the most pleasant experience (for more than just the pain reason), but once you make that initial phone call to make an appointment, you'll be fine. Trust me. My aesthetician said va-jay-jays are no different than elbows. All ladies have one...when you've seen one, you've seen them all.

And, yes, if you go Brazilian, you'll lose hair everywhere...front to back. Yep. I went there.

And, yes, what's up with the 'man beard' thing that happens?! I swear, pubes serve no purpose but to be annoying and cost us money.

MFS said...

I used to be a fan of the razor myself. About a year ago I made the plunge and made myself a Brazilian appt. I couldn't decide if I should do Brazilian or leave a little strip so the scared of pain me said lets leave a strip. BAD IDEA. A strip hurts worse because they have to do clean up afterwards to make sure it's neat and pluck, which to me hurt the most!!! My recommendation would be to do a Brazilian, take ibuprofen and just suck it up. The first time is going to be the worst in terms of pain and afterwards just make sure you go regularly and don't let it grow out too much so it will feel like the first time again. In terms of salons, I would just read reviews on yelp or something. Good luck!

rachel said...

Once you get a wax (if it's a good one), you will never want to go back! I'd recommend (like some of the other commenters), going to a salon with certified aestheticians (read: NOT "Nails 2000" or whatever you have where you live) that specializes in Brazilian waxing, preferably one that uses "hard wax" as opposed to wax strips.

The first one that I had they didn't "do everything." She just started with what was comfortable for me (it is a little painful the first time), and eventually after 1 or 2 more I could handle the whole thing. The hair will grow back finer and less and less (I think you are actually damaging the hair follicle) and it will get easier to wax if you are consistent. The waxing, paired with some of the cremes that they have (I recommend Finipil), will relieve you of any ingrown hairs and you'll be good for up to 3 weeks. Once you find a place you like, see if they offer discounts if you purchase a package (my salon normally charges $55, but if you purchase 3 or more at a time they are $45 each). Here's the link if you want a place to compare yours to:


Ashley said...

Get a Brazilian! They are awesome, and when continued over time, the hair gets thinner and less and less. I may have gotten lucky but I found a great salon on my first try. It's a salon I'd gone to previously for massages, facials, etc. A note though, if you're going to do it, take 2 advil before the first time. I didn't and wished I had. The second time I had a glass of wine before. Haha. The pain gets much easier to handle after a couple times. I've not has laser, but you do have to do several sessions for it to be completely gone.

R said...

If you go with the waxing option let me know. I'm scares as all heck to let someone near my va-jay-jay with hot wax. Heck I hardly want a doc down there when they haven't bought me dinner and taken me dancing first! But you're right. Age has a serious effect on the hair down there and the razor just doesn't cut it *no pun intended* the way it use to!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this topic! Haha!

I used to work at a salon so I would get a Sphinx (everything) every 6 weeks. A Brazillian is normally a 'landing strip' where a Sphinx is a bald eagle. Waxing does hurt, alot. The top part, above your pubic bone, is where it hurts the most. Once I got another job, I stopped getting waxed and I started getting ingrowns, ALOT.

I decided to start getting laser hair removal. I'm not sure where you live, but I go to Reveal Med Spa. They have several locations in the DC area and they now have the pain free laser hair removal. After just one treatment I noticed a major improvement in the thickness of hair that returned. I say it is worth every penny! Also, it isn't that much more money than a waxing session, but these results are permanent. Waxing isn't and you have to let the hair grow out. With laser hair removal, you can continue to shave as normal. There is no growing out phase. You just go every 8-10 weeks.

As for Nair, don't use that down below. It will burn very badly. I might know from experience. Hehe! This area is just too sensitive for something like this.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions about laser hair removal, feel free to email me!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I loved it when I had the cash for a Brazilian. It's great knowing that you don't have to do a touch up before going on vacation or something. My advice is to take a few advil before you go, to get a head start on the pain killing. But I love it! Feels nice and clean, so much more than shaving.

Clemson Girl said...

I still use a razor, but an electric one meant for that region. Even though it says you can use it in the shower I've found it works better on dry skin. It doesn't last any longer than regular shaving but I can't afford the cost of waxing.

Legally Fabulous said...

I get Brazilians monthly. At first I was getting them at Bliss, which is definitely the best, but at 85 bucks a pop it's too much. Now I go to a little Asian lady who charges 35 bucks. Not nearly as painless as Bliss but she's quick, so I deal with it.
Beauty is pain, right?

etta said...

I had a Brazilian once. It wasn't too bad. The gal I went to used strips to pull the wax off of the upper area. However, it's difficult to hold the skin of the labia taut, so she used wax that hardened. I could have done w/o that. When she told me to flip over so she could wax the back door, I told her she'd done more than enough. Truth be told, my downstairs looked like a war zone afterward. Plus, not all of your hair grows at the same time, so it seemed like the hair grew back faster. It's something you have to brave a few times before it's really effective.

Of course, I can't currently see down there. I've traded in my razor for an electric one, because I'm not about to landscape such a delicate area when I can't see what I'm doing.

Oh, and I apparently grew up sheltered, because I was not aware of how much downstairs grooming gals did until I was 16. It was like being in the jungle the first time I ventured south of the equator.

Rebecca Bany said...

New follower here. Great blog.

Andie said...

Brazilian baby! For a while I was doing them all the time in the summer months but then I had to start spending money on other stuff.

and then I got pregnant and that lower region is far too sensitive now for any hot wax to come near it.

but go brazilian. Do it! take 2 aleve an hour before you go, take deep breaths, and you'll be fine.

I also went to an aveda concept salon and I had an actual brazilian woman do it for me. When she was done, she said "your husband will love this!"

The feeling is so awesome when it's done. Silky smooth and the hair grows back in super fine and thin if you keep it up.

Cita Online said...

I'm all about the laser hair removal on my good girl... it got rid of my man beard and it's lasted for a couple of years now. I wrote about it on ATC a while back, but feel free to e-mail if you have questions!

Day Old News said...

LOL, this is hilarious. I've been through the lasers and it was 100% worth it IMO. Hurts just as much as waxing so why not fork over the money you'll save after years of waxing? But I definitely recommend a shot or two before you go in. Helps a lot. ;)

Aly said...

so funny! i've never done it because im scared shitless! let me know if you go!

Anonymous said...

I would like to commend you on having the balls to at least consider doing some waxing down there. Because I would effing flip out and just thinking about the situation (being practically waist-down naked in front of a stranger and holding my butt cheek to assist said stranger in removing my hair?!) makes me all sorts of scared.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I've had both hard wax and the regular wax with strips. Definitely try to find a place that uses the hard wax ball because it is much less painful. I'd say they are worth the cost though because it stays smooth for so much longer and the more regular you go, the less thick your hair grows back.

Jane said...

I got laser hair removal ... i did 3 sessions and it didn't take it all but it made upkeep MUCH easier. Also, you can ask your dr for a lidocaine prescription. You rub it on and cover yourself in saran wrap about 45 min before you get waxed and it makes it barely hurt at all. Seriously ... awesome sauce stuff!

All Things Cherish said...

You just made my week with this post. Love it and love your down to earth, real, raw, humorous blog!

Full of Heart said...

I used to be the most dedicated waxer ever (usually Brazillian, sometimes I'd venture back to the regular)and then we moved to the middle of nowhere and it's been darned near impossible to find someone who does a good job. I used to go to a great girl and then her dang Army husband had to get orders elsewhere.

I REALLY want to get laser and was going to get it while my DH was deployed last year and then I had to go and get preggo so that went out the window. Lately I just do a regular bikini wax at home (it's not that bad, honest) but I REALLY REALLY want to get laser and think I will soon now that baby is out!

Anonymous said...

Wax and leave a strip or nothing at all (try both, see what you prefer). Once i started i could never go back to shaving, so much easier and you get used to the pain (advil before is great advice). The guys love it, as do i and it makes everything better, more sensitive :)

Carly said...

Go for Laser Hair really doesn't hurt that bad ...just smells like burnt popcorn..other than that..walk in the park..and it really WORKS!

French Lover said...

Hahaha you crack me up. I've been oscillating between several methods for years now, since I have a hard time with the growing out part that comes with the Brazilian. I have thin hair so it takes forever for me to be "waxable" which utterly annoys me since the whole point in this story is to be bald for as long as possible.
I bought a SilkEpil thingie a few years ago and while it's supposed to be the most advanced technology, it still hurts way to much to do a Brazilian. I use it for the sides and usually rely on my good old Venus for the rest. I really want to try laser hair removal though !
Good luck :D

Bisous !

Anonymous said...

I definitely recommend getting a Brazilian. And I like salons (such as hair salons) that have an aesthetician on staff. They are the best and it will be much more relaxing (at least as relaxing as it can be).

Steel Magnolia said...

All of my girlfriends get brazilians regularly, including myself. I've done it for years! After the first few times, you seriously barely even feel it except for the sensitive areas. I'm telling you - you feel so much cleaner, and it's such low maintenance, you don't have to think about it for weeks in between! And certain "activities" feel so much better! :)

Definitely do your research using Google, City Search, etc. And a tip - the faster they pull the strip - the less pain you will feel. I also take two tylenol the morning of, and three (oops) about an hour before I go. It really helps with pain management.

To me, it is absolutely worth the money and the pain and slight awkwardness with having someone in your girlie parts. If I'm having a tight month and I have to choose between a mani or pedi and a wax - I always go for the wax!

Anonymous said...

So. This is near and dear to my heart, as I've been waxing for the past 8-ish years. I had a place in Nashville, then moved to ATL and had one there, and I never had to use one in Indy (my hometown) since I was rarely here. However, I just moved back and the lady needed her business attended to. There was a groupon for the Naked Monkey in Carmel and Fishers, so I got that. Seriously - one of the best I've had. Granted, after so many years of waxing the hair is pretty thin, but I'm full Brazilian + brows in 15 minutes. For real. And it's pretty reasonably priced. And they pay attention to detail. Not in a creepy way. Word of advice - do NOT go the week before your period. You are that much more sensitive.

Sara said...

If you're looking for a great place for Brazilians in Indy, check out The Naked Monkey. They have a location in Fishers and Carmel. I've been going to the Fishers location for Brazilians for three years and they are fabulous. Also, follow them on Twitter - they tweet deals, coupons and I think they are starting a 'special of the day' in September.
Once you go wax, you won't go back. The first time sucks majorly because you don't know what to expect. But if you keep it up, it gets easier every time. I'm in and out in 20 minutes now.

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