Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Suck It, Monday

Sooo, yesterday was a bit of a crapshoot.  (Also, still two days left to ask me anything!)

I woke up around 5:15 AM, way before my alarm.  Didn't feel to hot, but I absolutely forced myself to go for a jog.  That wasn't so bad.

Got home, watered flowers, checked email, checked again, showered, read blogs.  Checked calender:  crap, my credit card was due SUNDAY.  And it was Monday.

Oh, fudge.

I emotionally abused myself for the late fee that I'll probably get slapped with (although right now it says $0 late fee on my account - so maybe I got a 12 hour grace period?)... but then put on my big girl panties and paid the bill. 

Considered paying the whole card instead of the statement balance... and then I scrolled to my recent transactions.

Cue my "what the what" face, $19.95 to "Experian CreditRep" billed a week ago.

Hmm.  I pulled my credit report in January cause it seemed like a good thing to do on occasion, and I remember that I needed to cancel some service or I'd get charged.  Thing is, that was $17.95 a month.

Soo.... what?  Upon further review, the charges started in March and, like an awesome idiot, this is the credit card I use exclusively for groceries - so I really don't ever look at the charges. 

Idiot, dumb dumb dumb. 

I felt like crap for the rest of the day (not helped by the fact that my numbers at work were terrible... even though it was beyond my control that nobody in my town shopped on Monday morning).

And of course I couldn't sleep this morning cause I was so stressed about the fact that I've spent $80 (at least) on nothing... and if I had just checked my damn statement, I would have noticed it sooner.

So I googled "Experian CreditRep" charges... and found hundreds of posts by people who had been fraudulently charged by FreeCreditReport.com - which I have never used.  Most people seem to think that their credit card numbers were compromised (via Experian) and used by other individuals to pull the other individuals' credit reports (at freecreditreport.com).

That, friends, is some messed up crap.  Everyone says that Experian just asks for your CC account numbers, and I'm not really down with handing out THAT information right now.... 

I filed a fraud case with my credit card... so we'll see where that goes. 

Either way, I feel like an idiot.  And I'm mad as hell.

Happy Tuesday?  (Is it Wine Wednesday yet?)

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southernbellejm said...

Hey Boo, the experian thing....yeah, TOTALLY happened to me right after I bought my car. Was pissed thinking the car dealership actually charged me for the credit report they ran. Nope, wasn't them.

Then, I realized I hadn't got my debit card in the mail and figured this "Annaliza" stole my mail (btw, stealing mail REALLY does happen says my criminal defense atty hubs). Nope, found my new debit card under some stuff this summer.

Googled it and seems like this is happening a lot with Experian. I'd definitely call and complain. It might not have been you.

Cheerful Homemaker said...

You are not having much luck with the credit cards lately. Have you ever entertained the idea of living a cc-free life?

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i forget my credit card payment at least once a year. and feel like a total dummy EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it's the worst..so at least you're not alone =)

D'Rae N said...

This happened to us as well!
The explanation we received is that someone was stealing credit numbers and then running their own reports with them. It has happened to us twice now. Our credit company opened up a case and we blocked experian from ever doing it again.

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