Friday, January 6, 2012

A Christmas To Remember. Heh.

As I mentioned a million years ago, Mr. RH and I celebrated Christmas quite late.  As per norm, I blew things out of proportion declaring it the Most Important Christmas Ever, Ever, and therefore was s lightly upset that things didn't go quite as planned.


The gifts were perfect, at least from this receiving end.   He picked out these gorgeous turqouise earrings that I absolutely adore.  I've worn them multiple times already.  (Ok, so maybe I guided him towards these earrings.  I think it was worth it though!)

He also did some handy gift shopping of his own, without help.  He bought me the TOMS I had been coveting in the fall... although I may be having shopper's remorse on them.  I'm just not sure if they're very practical as a shoe in Indiana.  In January.
Thoughts, opinions?  He is counting on The Internet to talk me back into these shoes... otherwise the shipping boxes are all sitting in my bedroom. 

I'm sure he's not annoyed AT ALL that I want to return his Christmas gifts.

He also bought me the only season of Grey's Anatomy that I don't own (and he figured it out on his own, awwwww), a pair of sweats from my alma mater (that are a weeee bit snug.  Sweet but this badonkadonk don't fit.), and a bottle of Poo-Pouri.

I have nothing to say about that last one.  HUMILIATION.

I bought him a coat and clothes.  It was REAL EXCITING for him to open gifts.  Notsomuch.

After gifts... the day went downhill.

We drove to downtown Indy and wandered the mall, where I pissed him off and made him sick with my sweet driving skills.

We had a Serious Talk that left me in tears.  And left him wondering why the heck I was crying.

We went to dinner at an upscale Mexican restaurant and it was surprisingly... not tasty.  Both of us felt weird after dinner.

As we were finishing up at dinner, Mr. RH inadvertently called me fat.  Called us both fat, actually, which was even worse.  Cue more tears.

He felt like an asshole, I felt like he should be groveling more - which led to a super-fun time browsing the lights in downtown Indy.  My dreams of having a sweet picture of us in the lights was dashed.  I had cry eyes.

We went to the Zoo to check out the Christmas stuff.... and realized we only had 20 minutes before we needed to leave to grab some stuff at work. 

After careening downward on that roller coaster for a few hours, we sat fairly quiet on the way home.  By the time we finally got home, I realized that life, much like roller coasters, has it fair share of twists and turns.  Some good, some bad.

(Side note: A couple hours after we got home, Mr. RH got The Flu.  The real bad kind. The kind that lasted a week and ruined his last week of vacation.)

And despite the fact that it sucked in a couple of ways... it really was a wonderful Christmas.  And I got far more than I ever would have wished for.

Even if I was a brat about it.

Nothing new there.

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Ana said...

Houndstooth is to die for. Granted the peep toe doesn't scream Indiana in the winter, there are still days above freezing and without snow where you're walking, you need to sport those adorable wedges.

Anonymous said...

umm you should really stop being an emotional wreck and crying over every thing..word to the "un"wise that creeps out and scares off guys and um girls and um everyone...being a "brat" isnt cute..youll learn...the hard way im sure.."crazy bitch" is only cool for a song..and even that got...old...

R said...

I have been on the fence about Toms. In general I think they are horrid looking. But those I'd rock. Maybe not in the winter (though I do peep-toe with stockings) but I'd keep them for spring for sure!

Steel Magnolia said...

I feel your pain, hun! My hands-down favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. This past year, our first Fourth of July as a married couple. I had dreams of a baseball game, a hot dog, a cute outfit and of course fireworks! Well - we ended up not really coming up with a plan, and there was so much traffic when we went to watch the fireworks we ended up sitting in a tunnel while they all went off. Yes, for 45 minutes. Oh boy, this sent me into a steep downward spiral. We argued and fought until the wee hours of the morning. And guess what - the next day, my "monthly ticket" comes to say hello. Oy. Shoulda known before I made a big deal out of missing fireworks like a 4 year old.

Stuff like this happens, unfortunately. C'est la vie!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

So apparently Anonymous has never heard 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.' I'm hoping that someone pissed in his/her cheerios this morning and they aren't generally a jerk by nature.

I like the shoes! Screw the weather. If you want to wear them it can be a two-shoe day. Carry the TOMS in your bag and wear snow boots. Change when you get to your destination.

I got a pair of TOMS for Christmas. People definitely aren't shy about telling you they think they're ugly. I think they're really comfy.

Karen said...

I'm with Ana, those shoes are SUPER cute. You can not go wrong with houndstooth and those are amazeballs!

CowgirlEsq said...

Okay I am sorry to admit this, but I found myself laughing a few times as I read this post. Not because it's really funny (because it's really not), but more because it reminds me of my Christmas with the (also new) bf. I ended up pissing him off and crying and I don't feel like the gifts I gave him were as cool or as thoughtful as everything he gave me. Oh and to top it off, I drove 2 hours to see him Christmas night and then got a phone call from my mom that I suddenly needed to be home to help take care of my grandma that night so after being with the bf for a few hours I had to leave. Perfect Christmas ruined.

Also, last night my bf told me that I'm an emotional wreck. He said "I love you but you are an emotional wreck and really need to work on being happier in general." So to Anonymous, if a guy truly loves a girl, he will love her in spite of her craziness and deal with it. I even told mine that if I'm so emotional why doesn't he dump me and he said that's not happening. So every guy is different, just like every relationship is different. It is impossible to make valid judgments when you don't know the full story about someone's situation.

Anonymous said...

hey truth hurts..ive been reading her posts and they are all whiny and crying over wine etc..get a grip..a guy may love a girl that is true..but eventually the bullshit wears thin..theres a difference between pms moodiness and crying at the drop of a hat..and bawling cause he probably made some little comment about them eating too much at the mexican place..and crying after a serious convo..him being confused at that outburst shows something..not sure what..but probably whoa "what is wrong with this chic"..he may love her and love her to death..but even love cant survive constant insecurity and crying wears thin..maybe in 1 year maybe in 10..but he will get sick of it..unless hes a masochist then hey congrats to the happy couple

Anonymous said...

Completely agree, Anon1. No idea how anyone could put up with the Whine for any extensive length of time.

Allison said...


I've read your posts long enough to know that you're a really sweet girl. I don't have to meet you, or talk to you to know that. You have a big heart and really love this fellow in your life. I think the readers above are being hard on you, and it's sad that they feel the need to reprimand you online. These people do not know the whole story, they weren't there, and can't understand how you feel...or what happens in your life. They aren't therapists. If I gave any advice...which you surely wouldn't have to would be this--don't give these people fuel for the fire. Love you! Keep being you! you is kind. you is smart. you is VERY important. :)

GeekGoddess said...

Ooh. Bullying someone on their blog. You must still be in high school.

Sarah said...

The earrings and the shoes are so cute! Screw the weather, the shoes are worth momentarily cold toes :)
Ignore the anonymous poster above. I love reading your blog. If you were whiny, I wouldn't be a daily reader.
Happy new year!

DanaElayne said... husband knows I'm crazy. He married me anyway ;) I will cry for no reason. I will meltdown with no warning. I'm generally a pretty happy person, but some days things are just too much. The right guy (and I've found the right one for me) will accept you for who YOU are. Sounds like RH is there.

PS. KEEP THE SHOES! :) They are adorable!

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