Friday, June 12, 2009

Hello, Friday

Ok, is it me or did Friday totally sneak up this week? I guess I've been so preoccupied with job-hunting (note: ugh) and organizing closets and family in from out of town that I just didn't notice it was Friday.

On that note, did you all notice that I got a makeover this week? The lovely Becky from Beautiful Blogs by Becky let me be really picky and choosy until I had this fabulous, fresh design. I loved my old design but it was time for something new around here and I think this fits the bill perfectly.

If you're in the mood for a facelift you should definitely check out Beautiful Blogs by Becky because she has done some really fabulous blogs and did I mention how fast she was? I think I e-mailed her at like noon on a Friday, left town, and came back to a new blog on Saturday. Seriously, people.


On another random note, I cut my hand yesterday. I was making fajitas for out of town guests and my dad came into the kitchen to tell me how I didn't know what I was doing. I got so annoyed that instead of mashing avacado with a fork I picked up a (sharp) knife and starting going at that dang avacado. And, 2 seconds later, I hit my thumb.

And the knife went deep. Eep. I didn't really get blood everywhere because I immediately stuck my thumb in my mouth (gross, I know - but it was instinct) and then put on 2 super-tight Band-Aid because it was bleeding pretty fast. Ugh, I feel woozy just thinking about it.


On a semi-unrelated note, have I mentioned that I am doing The Shred again? (See how I say again like I have successfully completed it before. Cause I haven't.) Anyways, because I cut my thumb, and because it's throbbing like a crazy person, I am probably not going to Shred today. It could start bleeding when I start exercising and waving my arms around and then... maybe I'll bleed to death and who would save me?? My thoughts exactly.


Ok, I am going to a good friend's wedding next Saturday. And I'm super excited about it. The bride is a great friend and I even took her engagement photos last year. We took the photos mostly just for fun and because the magnolia trees were blooming, but she liked them so much she ended up using them.

And because I'm rambling on a tangent I suppose I'll just keep going. Because I was her "engagement" photographer and she never got any real prints of her "engagement" session, I ordered the couple a cute photobook from Shutterfly with all the photos in it. I think it would have been a cute engagement or shower gift, but better late than never, right?

Ok, back to my point. The wedding is at 4 PM on Saturday with a dinner reception and I'm honestly a bit clueless - what should I wear? The last time I was at a wedding I wore a bridesmaid dress so I just don't know. Would a blue satin dress be too formal?? (The dress is a blue satin Calvin Klein sheath that I wore to graduation... but I didn't get any pics because I was wearing a gown over it the whole time.) Alternately, I have a J.Crew dress I wore here: The only thing about this dress is that it is like a cotton seersucker material so I think it will get a little lint-y during the day... but I could survive.


So are you bored of this post yet?? Good... I'm out.

Happy Friday!! - Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Andhari said...

How's the shred looking out so far?

I'm so sorry you cut your thumb :(

Becky said...

Thanks for the shout out :)
Sorry you cut your finger-ouch! And you did so good on those photos too! Let me know how that Shred is working out for ya-I swear everyone is talking about it! And that dress in the pic below is very cute on you! Have a great weekend <3 Becky

a H.I.T. said...

I absolutely HATE cutting my fingers! They take forever to heal since you are constantly touching it.

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