Monday, June 15, 2009

I Want My Weekend Back

I know I say this every Monday, but - seriously - where did the weekend go?? I spent a lot of it with some of my extended family in town and spent the rest at The Boy's house with his aunt and cousins. In other words, I've been really very boring.

And I didn't even take many pictures at all.

This week will be a blur of job-hunting, shopping, and wedding prep for one of my good friends. I'm actually putting together a Wedding-Day Survival Kit now. I'm going to show you guys the list and if you can think of any other good things to have on a wedding day... let me know!
• Floss
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Mouthwash
• Tissues
• Q-Tips
• Nail File
• Tums
• Immodium
• Ibuprofen
• Band-Aids
• Deodorant
• Tampons/Pads
• Rat Tail Comb
• Bobby Pins
• Mirror
• Hairspray
• Face Powder (for shine)
• Chapstick
• Baby Wipes
• Safety Pins
• Snacks
• Water Bottles
• Lint Roller
• Sewing Kit
• Scissors
• Gum
• Mints
• Tide Pen / Shout Wipes
• Pen/Pencil/Notepad
• Black socks for the boys
• List of phone numbers (flowers, caterer, priest, musicians, etc)
• Extra Copies of Readings
• Vows/Speeches

Well that's all I've got for you today... maybe my life will get significantly more interesting soon and I'll have something to tell you about... but then again, probably not.

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KLC said...

Diaper pins!!! Seriously, go to babys r us and buy a pack for like 3 bucks, they will be a lifesaver if someone steps on the bride's bustle on the dance floor. They are much stronger than regular saftey pins. My best friend was so grateful I had these on hand for her!!!

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