Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Night, I Became a Photographer

I should drop out of school now! Who needs a business career when I have a new career?!

I have officially unofficially become an engagement photographer. Last night, I noticed how lovely the lighting was outside. Since we had tickets to the opera at 7:15, I convinced my friend Maggie to let me take photos of her and her fiancee. She wasn't dressed, so I had to find her a shirt, and then he had to run and get a shirt (which of course he forgot to tuck in). So begins my career as a photographer. Now I need a camera a little more sophisticated than a Sony Cyber-shot point-and-shoot, don't you think.

For such a dinky little camera, I think the results speak for themselves. Love it!!

This one is so beautiful:

Such a happy couple:

I just love this shot. They look so happy:

This one just says romance to me:

Anybody wanna hire me? Then maybe I can afford to take up a shoe addiction...

Oh, the possibilities.


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Candy Rachelle said...

You're funny...however, you did a fantastic job with the pix!!!

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