Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Most. Awesomest. Monday.

I hate Mondays. Doesn't everybody? It must be written into human DNA to just hate hate hate Mondays.

Yesterday, however, I didn't hate Monday. Do you know why I didn't hate Monday?

Because of this lil guy: Did ya read that alright? Free 3-piece chicken strips if you wear a college football jersey. Well I've already posted about my love affair with Chick-Fil-A...

So what did I do? Rustled up some football gear, packed up 2 of my roommates and headed out to Chick-fil-A for lunch! But not until we got a good group pic first! We were sure when we arrived at about 1 pm that it would be swamped, but surprisingly it wasn't. I would guess that about 2/3 of the people in the store were wearing jerseys, including all the employees.

We were served very quickly and had great service. Everybody in the place had a smile on their face - it was fantastic! The news crew caught us as we were ordering our food, so I'm dying to know if we're going to be on TV tonight...

Last, but not least, we were so impressed with the sweet employee who stopped what she was doing and offered to take our picture. Hurray for Chick-Fil-A!!
It was definitely one of my most Memorable Mondays... let's hope Tuesday is just as great!


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Laurie said...

I don't think I have told you this yet... I LOVE Chick-Fil-A too. Great pics. and a great Monday.

Good N Crazy said...

HI, HI, HI! I'm soo baaaack!

And um...so? Were you or weren't you?

On the news?

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