Thursday, August 14, 2008

Warning: Organized People, This May Cause You Anxiety

Hi, my name is Sarah. Welcome to my blog. Oh, you say we've met before? I know, long time no good post.

Ok, so I've been a bad blogger because I was on vacation last week and I leave for school THIS Sunday (omg, starting to hyperventilate). This means that EVERYTHING I OWN must be packed and ready to go... yesterday-ish?

So, in case you were thinking you might like to have a child who might want to go to college some day... I encourage you to THINK AGAIN.

And now, for laughs and giggles, I present to you THE PILE (which I have handily labeled in "Paint" for your enjoyment). (Also please click to enlarge to get maximum enjoyment)
This pile has been sitting in the "storage" side of my basement for about 2.5 months (when I got home from school). (aka "storage" was formerly known as the game/foosball room - who knew?)

It is a hot mess, people. This is the stuff that DIDN'T get used over the summer. My bedroom (which I seriously can't show you because A). it was decorated by a 12 year old girl (ie me) over 10 years ago and B). OMG THE MESS) is even more filled to the brim with MORE CRAP.

So, I have a Volkswagon Jetta and a minivan that will be making the trek to school. In these 2 vehicles I must fit: the entire contents of the above picture (well, hopefully most of it), a small 2 person couch, a coffee table, my entire wardrobe (read: waay extensive), my cosmetics and beauty products (read: if you think my wardrobe is extensive, you've got another thing coming with this bunch), my shoes, and more stuff I can't remember yet.

So, I'm thinking I have approximately... 3 days to make said junk fit into said cars. Do you think it will take a miracle or just an act of God to make this work? Or maybe it just won't work? Stay tuned...


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Mrs. Newlywed said...

If it makes you feel any better, when I had to move from home between my sophomore and junior years of college, all I had was my Chevy Cavalier. Sophomore year I had lived in a dorm; junior year was a room in a sorority house. It was a mess. My car was so full of stuff I couldn't see out any of the windows except my driver side. I still can't believe I pulled it off.

Good luck :)

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