Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank God It's Friday, Or Not

Well, it's finally Friday. And let me tell you, for once I'm not too happy about it. In exactly 48 hours I have to be packed and ready to leave for school. You saw
the pile, didn't you? Well it looks exactly the same today.

So, I dare you to peek into my to-do list. It's about 50 days long, but I'm hoping to accomplish many of them today. Wish me luck, I definitely need it.

To Do Today

  • Hem Curtains
  • Purchase Curtain Rod Accessories
  • Find Pillows for School
  • Wash Sheets, Mattress Pad
  • Make Car Appointment to Get New Key
  • Get Tires Rotated Today
  • Sort Through the Pile
  • Do 4 Loads of Clothing Laundry
  • Go through Kitchen and steal stuff for apartment
  • Finish Wall Art for Apartment
  • Reply to 2 School E-Mails (ugh)
  • Watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1
  • Start sorting through clothing - what NOT to take
  • Start writing '100 Things' post for my 100th post!

    Well if you've been counting (what, you haven't?), my 100th post is coming up Monday... so I better get cracking on that list and this list.

    In other words, Happy Friday! When you read my next post I will be sweating my butt of moving into my new apartment and getting stressed about school - fun times!! Have a great weekend!


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    Natalie said...

    hope you got it all done! i loved college. loved my roommates and all the fun we had. i am going to france in september to hang out with my best friend from high school who also happened to be one of my college roommates. i saw the other two over christmas and has a blast! even now...17 years later we all still have so much fun together!

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