Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crafty Gift for a Friend

So before I left for vacation I went on an extreme crafting kick. I just wanted to get my craft on.... all the time.

Since I felt bad about being out shopping with family in town and my suitcase still not packed, I decided to get my craft on with some leftover supplies from earlier, abandoned projects.
I had planned to make a "Happy Hour" sign on the red canvas, and you might recognize the fabric from another crafty project.
Since my high school friends and I rarely get to see each other during the school year(we go to school across the state from each other), we never do birthday gifts.

Since I was on a crafting binge, I thought a monogrammed wall hanging was such a cute gift idea... so I created one for Emily. I love how it turned out.
Now I just have to make one for Katie and Whitney. And the craft binge continues...


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