Thursday, May 22, 2008

The People's Car - No, MY Car

When I got home from school on Sunday, my mother's former car was sitting in the driveway. Unusual, because it is usually parked on the right side of the 2 car garage, next to the minivan.

Why wasn't it in the garage? I thought it was odd, but didn't obsess over it.

We (my dad, brother, and I) unloaded my (and my brother's) car of all of my college dorm room gear. (Where did I get all this crap??) Anyways, we sat down for a spaghetti dinner and I didn't think much more.

After dinner, my dad made me do the dishes. Humph - first day home and already the household slave. Geez. After that, he told me to pull the car (my mom's car) into the garage. Weird, but whatever.

I get into the driveway, open the door, and what do I see?

A 2007 Jetta - and it's mine, all mine. This would be the first car that I've had to myself (and haven't had to share with my 19-year-old pig of a brother).

So I've only driven it about 20 miles since Sunday... and keep in mind that I live in a somewhat rural area... I clearly need to get out more. Although I can't afford the gas, so nevermind.

In other news, I have done 4 loads of laundry and mowed the lawn today today... where does the laundry keep coming from??


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