Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get Your Vacation On, Part 2

What, you haven't seen enough photos yet? Well, you asked for it, I guess...

This photo might require some explaining. While on vacation, we purchased large quantities of fresh fruit which - while delicious - attracted quite a posse of fruit flies. One night (after getting her drink on) my aunt suggested that we place a bit of wine on the table - the fruit flies would gravitate towards it, she said. Then someone suggested we use beer too - equal opportunity, I guess. And then someone created the sign. And misspelled "their". Yes, we are always this special. The next day was highlighted by the men playing football, in the water. They played for like 3 hours - it was exhausting, they were exhausted. A picture of me, Alex, and Kate getting our tan on. Alex, Aunt Babs, and Katie getting their float on. The next day, Thursday, we walked in South Haven. Katie and I played papparazzi. My dad and brother, denying the papparazzi. The whole family walked out to the end of the pier, where this photo was taken. This is a picture of the Friends Good Will coming into dock. After I took this photo, we realized we had to run waay inland to catch the next tour (which we had already purchased tickets for). Did I mention the lake was extremely choppy this day? It was. This is the first photo taken when we got on board. They asked for volunteers to help raise the main sail. I forced Katie and my uncle Mark to volunteer with me. This is a phto of us hoisting. There was a man in front of me hoisting waay too fast - I'm just trying to keep up! Did I mention the main sail weighs over 700 pounds? This is my dad and brother hoisting the back sail - I can't remember its name. They were total wimps about it. This is a photo of Katie holding Aunt Babs by the pants. Why, you ask? Because the waves were so intense we feared that we may fly off at any time. We were holding on by the seat of our pants, people! The first mate then told me to go to the back of the boat - the captian would let me steer. I was so excited. So. Didn't. Happen. The waves were so intense he could barely hold on - needless to say, my land-lubbin self didn't get near any steering devices. This first mate then had to go attend to some business on the front of the boat. He was all scootched out on the pointy front thing (attached by a harness) when a big wave pitched the boat forward - and him straight underwater. SO WISH I HAD A PHOTO OF THIS MOMENT. This is Alex - I snapped her when she wasn't paying attention. She would hate this photo, but I think she looks gorgeous. Long legs!! This photo was taken as the waves intensified even further, resulting in a giant splash to Katie and Babs - hahahaha, I laughed. It was hilarious - until a bigger wave hit me too! This is the captain of the boat - we dubbed him Captain Jesus. Why? Well, towards the end of our trip it began to get really bad. All of us were feeling green about our gills. I snapped this picture. Afterwards, we realized he appears to be praying to the heavens for our survivial. Thank god his prayers were answered. This is Alex - finally back on solid ground. I think this is a pretty picture. Another attempt at a sunset shot. This is what the boys did for the majority of the vacation - watched satellite TV in the basement. They were riveted to the TV hoping for BFUs - Brett Farve Updates. The highlight of our day was this guy, who we saw while taking off for our boat tour. He was just standing on the end of the dock like this. Weird, right? You're welcome for getting this lovely photo.
Ok folks, I think that's enough vacation for today. Are you bored yet?


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Natalie said...

ok...i have been so out of it lately, but i wanted to comment! love the hillbilly golf game! looks so fun! and the family time sounds amazing as well. i think boating would be an awesome thing to do. i am going to have to see what i can talk my family into doing when i get back! we did do a gingerbread house decorating contest one christmas and had a blast!

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