Friday, July 11, 2008

The Good, The Bad, the Blonde

If you have ever looked at any of the pictures on this blog, you may notice something (wait, you haven't looked. Please feel free to look back now. Okay.). My hair - it has, shall we say, very few looks. It is either in a ponytail or is a hot mess. I mean, my hair is decent. It is not hopeless. But seriously, it is bo-ring.

I have no hair style, and haven't had one for approximately... three years? Yikes, I didn't realize it had been that long. Yech.

Ok, this is the bad semi-bad. It's not all that horrible (meaning that small children won't necessarily cry when they see it), but it is a warning for girls who use too much spray gel and foam rollers. Holy geez.

The following photos are a montage (whoa, is that a 25 cent word?) of my favorite/not-so-favorite looks from the past few years. I think you'll be able to tell the highs from the lows.

Going back in history, this is my hair in 2004 on my 18th birthday in 2004. I would call this my crowning glory look. Unfortunately, it took 342.5 hours to achieve this look (i.e. my hair is flat, stringy, and not at all curly). But still, it was SOO long and purty!

My mom took this picture right before my high school graduation in spring 2005. This was my last real cut. I believe it was the Rachel. Or at least my flat-haired, stringy take on it. And I know, it looks pretty decent in this picture, but the wind was blowing just so perfectly. You know what I'm talking about. The good hair wind.

This was my hair in 2006 - stringy, flat, wild, etc.

This was my hair in 2007. The expression: out of control. The hair: boring. 'Nuff said.

This is my current hair do. Ok, ok, the photo was taken a few weeks ago when I was in New Jersey. BUT it does show my daily hairstyle: ponytail. Sometimes I substitute the bobby pin for a headband - you know, if I'm feeling really wild. Occasionally I go for the high-pony, but let's not get carried away here.

Why the hair post? A contest, of course. (This is my first contest ever. Please don't throw rocks at me.)

Casey, aka Moosh in Indy has teamed up with Sarah from Whoorl to make some hair-magic happen. And since I have been aimlessly googling "the perfect hairstyle for stringy blonde hair" with no luck, I thought a little public declaration would put my butt in gear!

And please, no hatin on the hair. It's blonde and in charge - I'm only along for the ride!! Much love to my flat-haired chicas...


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