Thursday, July 10, 2008


Did you see this post about my summer strawberry cake? The really really delish one?

Well, I made it today. Doesn't it look yummy??

On another note, yesterday I had an MRI to determine if I'm going to need surgery on my knee. I asked the technician if she could see anything and she told me that she wouldn't release any information to me. Bitch. In related news, I also found out that I can not sit still for a 30 minutes of MRIing. I had the strongest desires to twitch, twitch, twitch. I wonder if I have some kind of disorder...

We shall see soon enough....


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Good & Crazy said...

Your technician story is funny. One of my pregnancies...the ultrasound technician would not tell us what sex the baby was!? We were all, you're kidding right? And she's all stinky, and says NO. I marched right into my OB's office and made them re-do the Ultrasound, and TELL me for crying out loud...which they did.

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