Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Trip to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Part 2

So after the Relay for Life in Pennsylvania, we headed off to New Jersey to visit my cousin's family, who had welcomed a new baby 8 weeks earlier. He was such a cutie!!

But before all the baby cuteness, I had to re-acquaint myself with Little A, who is baby G's big brother. He will be three on the Fourth of July. He loved taking pictures with my camera (most of them have his finger over them, but he's 2.75 years old - who cares!)
He also spent a great portion of the week acting out. Seriously, by the last day my patience was about shot. He would be reprimanded for kicking (by me - nobody else would even try it) and then scream "I will kick if I want to, I will kick and hit if I want to." Oh, boy. In this pic he is jabbing my boob with his "claw" toy. Ouch, and annoying!!

In the end, Little A warmed up to me enough to allow me to give him a shampoo mohawk. So adorable! Love this pic - I think I might frame it.

We ended up taking him to this nature park slash zoo that allows you to feed the animals. So cool!! Here's a pic of Little A feeding the deer. (So, yeah, I realize that deer aren't exactly zoo material, but they were very interactive.)

Then A and I got to hang out at the lake with some of my cousin's wife's family. They are pretty darn rich and have a really nice lakehouse, boat, jetski... etc. Fun.

Little A and I baked a cake, which was quite the experience. Oy vey.

I taught Little A to use the computer, and YouTube, which was hilarious.

And now, some baby cuteness. Introducing baby G. He is not as chunky as he looks... he just has some neck. As in a lot of neck.

Since he is only 8 weeks old, he is pretty limited in his capabilities. Not that it makes him any less squeezable.

We bonded splendidly - I was on diaper duty for the entire visit, so we had plenty of time together. I just love this little guy - I miss him so much already.

Hopefully I'll get to get over and see him when he comes to Illinois in July. If not, I'll just have to print out these pictures and squeeze those big cheeks!!


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Good & Crazy said...

You make me miss NJ.

Cute kids.

Teaching them YouTube? That seems like child abuse or something?

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