Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life is a Beach

Yesterday, Indiana completely outdid itself and rose the temp to a nearly stiflingly hot (note: sarcasm) 70 degrees. It was a perfect day for a bit out shopping and the beach. We went to New Buffalo, MI - a lovely little beachy town on Lake Michigan. Heaven. Here are a few lot of photos from our day.

As we walked to the beach, we saw this funny little scene. Why did the duck cross the road? I have no idea...

Once we got to the beach, I told my friends - Maggie (in green) and Jackie (in white) (who did not have the same knowledge of the temperature of this body of water) to stick their toes in. "It's not that bad," I lied...

Ok, so they figured it out in the end: Hey, at least she's still smiling at me.

After that, we climbed out (barefoot, since we had only flip-flops - bad idea!) onto a man made retaining/rock wall of some sort. Hey, I'm not from a beach town - I have no idea what it's called. I don't have any pictures of it, but oh well. It was lovely out on the end of the wall, and we sat for a long time just enjoying it.

Then we had a bit of a photo shoot of sorts...




All in all, it was a lovely little day trip. Sunny, relaxing, lovely - just lovely. Except for the fact that gas cost us an arm and a leg - literally.

And hey, at least nobody fell in the lake. Heh, heh.

Up next, a post about where we ate after our little hike.


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