Monday, July 28, 2008

Garage Sale Wrap Up aka Party Like a Rock Star

So I had my big garage sale this weekend. We got rid of so.much.stuff.
I kinda forgot to take pictures before or after, but I got a couple in progress.

Here's a pic of the garage. Yes, that's a whole lotta crap. Note my bro playing on the laptop.
Books and purses and shoes, oh my!! Don't have enough home decor chotchkes? We've got your back.
We had some interesting customers. This guy pulled up in his... umm, Honda? Whatever. The point is, it had spinners. As in, spinning rims. What? Seriously?!
But it gets better. This little guy was the man who drove the car. Which wouldn't be so bad... until his phone rang. Well, just so you know, he enjoys the ringtone Party Like A Rock Star. I'll bet he does...
Lessons learned: People will buy a lot of things, but - interestingly enough - not the things that are worth buying. Who knew?

I had hoped to make a couple hundred bucks on this junk sitting around the house... and, drumroll please, we made $523.26. Not bad, eh?

Unfortunately, my dad made me split it: $50 for the boyfriend (he helped with cleanup), 1/4 for him, 1/4 for my brother, and half for me (since I set the whole darn thing up!!).

Ok, since he paid for all the junk I guess I'll allow it.

Happy Monday!!


4 Classy Comments:

Good N Crazy said...

Ahhhh. Much better.

I am so totally going to have my camera during mine.

The spinners guy without hair, and rockin' ringtone! Awesome.

Jen said...

Yes, there are some serious freaks that like to go yardsale hopping.

Way to go on the big profits!! Bring on the freaks!!

Laurie said...

There are some strange people in this world. I have had garage sales too and have always been amused not only with the crap they buy but also the strange people that flock to them.

You made some nice cash!!! Time for a new pair of shoes?

Mrs. Newlywed said...

What a great idea! I'm sure Mr. Newlywed would love if I cleaned up my purses, clothes, miscellaneous items...

You made some great money! I believe a new pair of shoes or a cute bag are in order.

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