Friday, July 25, 2008

May He Dance With the Angels

You remember this guy, right?

Randy Pausch gave his world-famous "Last Lecture" about achieving childhood dreams when he had been given only a few months to live. He passed away today at age 47.

After my mom died in November, I found myself watching his lecture over and over.

Have you watched his last lecture yet? If you haven't, you really really should.

I know it's an hour long, but you can skip some parts if you want. Trust me, it's worth the time. I'll make it easy for you!!

Randy Pausch: you made the world a better place for sharing your story. Thank you.


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Good N Crazy said...

I'm bookmarking this for a later time, sounds like a cry-video. And we are already watching E.T. for crying out loud.

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