Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Before and Afters

Today was a day of before and afters. We finally, after 14 years, got our carpet replaced in the family room and steps/upstairs hallway. That old carpet was nas-tay. (Can you see the wear-spots? Gross - I honestly didn't even really notice how bad it was when the furniture was in the room.)
The second transformation was on my hair!!
Remember when I wrote this post as a hair wakeup call/intervention?

Well here was my hair yesterday morning. Talk about a hot mess! (My dad's photography skills in this photo are excellent - I'm so proud!)
And the after (hmm, this photo is weird and tripped out, but I'm too tired to fix it now.)
It's definitely blonder and somewhat shorter... and curlier. I told my stylist not to curl it... but she just loves to play with my hair, so I let her. It's cute - too bad it won't do that every day!!

Is it weird that, even though I know it's blonder - I can't really see a difference? Overall it seems "lighter" but not "blonder"?

Anyways, it was a great day of change in my life.. but now it's Wednesday - let the marathon of airport runs and squeezing in mall trips in before vacation begin!

Happy Hump Day!!


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Good N Crazy said...

Oh MY HECK. The hair? Great.

The carpet? Um, except it's cleaner, there's no change?

Oh and nice exerciser ball ha ha.

Laurie said...

Change can be a good thing. The carpet looks great and that must be exciting after all those years to have new carpet.

The hair is super cute. Your eyes look so much bigger now with it cut, colored, and curled.

Have fun with the airport runs.

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