Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Gift for a Friend

On August 16th, I will be moving in with three girls to an apartment for our senior year of college. Last year, one of these girls told me a quote that she wanted to have displayed in some artistic fashion on her wall.

The quote: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and I'm wearing a fabulous new outfit." Umm, can you say LOVE?

So for quite some time, I had planned to make her one. And planned, and planned, and planned. So I did and here's the result:
Oh, the ugliness!! The hideousness. The straight-up blah of it all just about killed me. So I sat on it (ugly) for a couple of weeks, and one day I was at JoAnn fabrics and stumbled upon the most amazing little things.
These "fabric quarters" are little sample-sized squares of fabric that might be used for quilting or some other, better purpose.. but for $1.50 I had to check them out.
They turned out to be the most amazing fit for the ugly quote "painting", so I used a bit of spray adhesive to stick the fabric to the board. Add some hot glue to secure it to the back of the frame...
And then I painted the quote on... and I made a mistake, of course. See how the "I'm" on the second line is capitalized - and shouldn't be? Yeah... ugh. Is the mistake bad enough that I should fix it?... I'm not sure. And now that I'm looking at the photo - is it me or does it seem like the words may be slanting downhill? Opinions, interweb pals? Please?! Fix it, don't fix it??
I should just suck it up and make another one.. but I was SO HAPPY to have it finished... only to begin again, I suppose.

Happy Thursday - and wish me luck. I am in vacation-packing hell.


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Laurie said...

Here are my 2 cents. If it is going to drive you crazy and when you look at it all you see is it sloping downhill then I would change it.
If you can live with it then keep it the way it is.
I looked at it, but since you pinted out that it looked like it was going downhill I looked for that right away.
It is adorable! You are one crafty girl. The saying is also so fun for a bunch of senior girls in college.
I would keep it and if you have extra time or are bored one day and want to start it over from scrath then give it another go. If not then I think this one would look great on a wall in your apartment... just don't point out to your friends that it looks like it may be sloping a bit.
I hope that helps.

Good N Crazy said...

Oh for crying out loud. It looks like you MEANT to capitalize it! Like in a blog post or something?

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