Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No-Key Valentine's Day

This year, I made Mr. RH swear that we would have a low-key Valentine's Day.  As it turned out, we were working opposite shifts on the day itself... but as I was getting ready to leave work, Mr. RH told me there was a surprise for me - which turned out to be him.

That sentence was potentially a grammar sin, but the point is:  Mr. RH switched his work shifts, thus resulting in me not spending my night alone eating Ramen noodles and clearing out my DVR.  Which, I'm not gonna lie, I was actually really looking forward to.

Instead, I got a night of Grey's Anatomy episodes and a chicken quesadilla.  WITH guac.  Ahh, romance.

In a move surprising both of us, we actually ended up only exchanging cards this V-day, no gifts or sweets of any kind.  Although... SOMEONE in the house bought a bunch of clothes that they didn't need and someone ELSE bought themselves a Wii.  Although it was sort of a delayed "wedding" gift, so technically that someone else actually got a "media tower" which is man-speak for an ugly shelf to put the 85 electronic gadgets we don't need to own on...

Bitter, party of wife none.

Actually, I can say that we each did ONE romantic thing during the month of love:  we both, on the same day, bought each other TWO boxes of Red Velvet oreos.

Which means my thighs are 4x as big as they should be and he hasn't gained an ounce.  As per usual.

All in all, I would say it was a successful Valentine's Day.  I got a card on a greeting card holiday, and all is right with the world.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

It was a low-key holiday for us, too! Spencer asked if I wanted to go out or stay in, and I couldn't make up my mind . . . and by the time I looked into reservations at our favorite restaurant, they were booked for the whole weekend. So that settled it: cooking in at home! Which was very nice, actually. We watched dumb "love" movies all day and were lazy. Not too shabby.

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