Friday, January 30, 2015

December in a Nutshell

So you blog about how you're getting back to blogging and then you let 21 days go between blog posts.  AHEM.

I want to blog, and I've been mentally composing blog posts for weeks... but I feel awkward about that big blog pause from November to... now.  I feel like I need to explain the days away, ya know??

Anyway, things hit the fan somewhere around the 2nd week of November.  My boss and I were working on the Big Black Friday schedule (approximately a billion hours of work, for those of you not in retail), and then she mentioned (on my day off) that I should probably stop by the store.  No big thing, so I stopped by in my sweats and she dropped a big bomb on me: she was leaving the following week for a temporary assignment in the Mall of America.

So along with losing a huge chunk of ground on a massive schedule... I also become the sole authoritiy within our four walls, which meant that I don't think I spent more than 3-4 hours at a time between November and the last week of December away from actually working or calling and texting the team in my store.  It was fun, it was a TON of work, and I can't say that I was sad to see December end. 

That being said... I think I've been feeling a little blue because Mr. RH and I "missed'" Christmas.  We never watched It's a Wonderful Life, we didn't drive around and look at Christmas lights, I baked only a few cookies when I really felt like I had to...  so yeah, I've got a little post-Christmas hangover.

Luckily, the time I spent away from this blog allowed me to carve out a little time to do some fun things, and even though I barely got my camera out all through Christmas... I managed to capture just enough photos so I've got a few memories to look back on.

Mr. RH and I went with his family to see the lights the week after Thanksgiving.  I'm glad we took the time then, cause we didn't end up with any better opportunities closer to Christmas.

We got one decent-ish photo of the two of us....

And I re-created a favorite photo of Mr. RH from way back in 2012

(I can barely click the link to that old photo.  Where did that long hair and baby face go?!)

We made it to Christmas mass with my dad, and he managed to get probably the only good photo of the two of us during Christmas.  I think if 2015 had a resolution, it would be MORE PHOTOS!!!

Right after Christmas I was able to make some time for my BFFs, and I got to snuggle #BFFbaby in her cozy PJs.  I don't like that she's growing up, but I love that she let me snuggle me long enough for her mom to snap a picture.

And we managed to get a so-so picture of the BFFs.  I was having camera issues.  

And then I took another afternoon and managed to get a couple pics of Miss Maeven in rare, sassy form.  This girl does not like to have a photo taken and she is a sass for my camera.  Love it!

Although if she smiled once in a while on command I wouldn't cry either.

So... it was a good Christmas.  A busy, chaotic Christmas that went by in the blink of any eye... but apparently I also had fun in between all of the craziness.  The proof is in the pictures!

Now... back to 2015!

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Annie said...

Love that pic of yall the night of mass!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry your work was insane around the holidays!

Tess said...

I've missed you round these parts!! Your December looked pretty damn lovely....babies sure up the game!

Meg @ write meg! said...

I was just thinking about you and wondering if you'd give us a life update, and BOOM! Here you are! Like I summoned you myself! I'm a magician. ;)

Definitely feel you on December being a chaotic mess -- sounds like you had an incredibly busy season at work. I didn't take that many photos this holiday season, either . . . not sure why, exactly; it's not like I had a reason. Just kind of felt behind from the very beginning. Cheers to February and spring getting ever closer!

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