Thursday, February 19, 2015

Long-Term DIY Projects

Back in October, I wrote a post about a craft project I was starting.  The thing is - I started it in FEBRUARY.  Of 2014.  Now, it's February of 2015.  (This is scintillating stuff, here.)

I have no ripped the buttons off at least twice, and then I sat and stared at it for approximately 3 months. 

Then I fixed the buttons and became paralyzed with trying to "finish" it with some text.

And after staring at it for hours, and many freak-outs with a fine-tipped paint brush... it's all finished.

Found the perfect spot for it, and I definitely don't notice the imperfections once it's hanging next to my favorite canvas.

One long-term DIY project to down.  Maybe I should consider tightening my timeframe down to the six-month mark instead of a YEAR next time.

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