Monday, May 26, 2014

Shopping Holiday

As we celebrate the end of this beautiful holiday weekend (and I finally get a day off), I have been gearing up for one of the most exciting events on my calendar this year: my 5 year college reunion. (Yes, it's a rather light calendar year.)

In anticipation of this event, I've been debating every single life choice I've made in the past 5 years - from career choices to the current state of my split ends... a little introspection makes me a crazy person. 

As such, I've been a little computer absent.... although I'd like to blame it also on the fact that we haven't had internet for 3 days.  Yesterday, I unplugged the router that AT&T declared was bad.... aand when I plugged it back in last night, it's been working ever since.  Maybe I'll just switch careers and become an internet repair person... cause I've already got it all figured out.

Anyway, I'm channeling my inner nerves into a new wardrobe because nothing says "I'm happy to see you after 5 years" like clothes with the tags still on them.  Right?!  Right.

I made another Old Navy order after seeing a dress in store because they had a tall online... I haven't shopped at Old Navy in years, but I think they've won me back.  Maybe.

This dress definitely exceeded my expectations - and the cheap price I paid for it.  The fabric is a nice, heavier weight and it seems like it will wear/wash extremely well.

 It's not the shape of dress I normally wear, but it's stretchy and like pajamas so.... perfect.

And because I'm a sucker for something even cheaper... I ordered the black version of the dress.  It was literally under $12, and it's even softer and comfier than the gray version.... but the fabric is a little iffy.  It seems like it might pill and basically fall apart quickly.... but then again, it was only $12.  And can you ever have enough black dresses?

In each of them, I would have loved an extra inch or two of length... but they're not bad, and I need to get over my fear of exposing my lumpy limbs... and I will, with the help of a spray tan.

The next thing I was SUPER pumped about was a ponte blazer I had seen in stores.  Of course, they only had 1 size at the store I was at and it was weirdly tight.  I ordered a medium after the reviews said to size up.... and I still think it was a bit tight.

 Now, I think the "pink" blazer was a great theory... gosh, what I wouldn't give to get this blazer in a hot pink!  Alas, I ordered the only 2 colors available... pale pink and navy blue. 

I think the pink is too sheer and the sausage-casing of my upper arms isn't attractive. 

The navy blue, below, is better.... I think it still looks a little tight on my arms.  I may try to exchange it for a large if another store has one.  *crossing fingers*

And then after the relative win of an Old Navy order.... we have a Target order.  A hot damn mess of Target.

First up.... who doesn't want a see-through (hi bra!) maxi dress that shows every single bump to an embarrassing degree.   Sure, we could blame those lumps on my lack of working out... but I could blame the clothes instead. 

I got this leopard shirt dress and I was SO SO excited.... but when Mr. RH started laughing as I pulled it out of the box, I got nervous.

And then I saw it. The asymmetrical, mullet hemline. Son of a biscuit.... you can see it in the pictures of the other colors online, but in the leopard print the hemline just disappeared.

It actually fits well, and the leopard print is SUPER cute. I had accessorized it in my mind with a big black belt and chunky wedges... but alas. If you don't mind mullet hemlines - it's on sale this week, so get on it!

I, on the other hand, mind mullet hemlines very much and had to return it. Depressing.

I had the idea to chop off the mullet and just keep the dress - but of course, the little slit on the side is waaay too high for my comfort.  Damn.  FOILED AGAIN.

Apparently, Target doesn't want me to be happy.  Sniff.

Next up, I'm in desperate need of a new purse.  And maybe shoes.  And I'm supposed to be doing an Ikea hack with my dad.  Online shopping here I come.

And lest we forget that Memorial Day is an actual holiday (you may forget too if you worked all weekend!), I am very thankful to all the people who keep our country safe, and have an unending debt of gratitude to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

USA!!   USA!!   USA!!

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Desiree Lynn said...

Girl! That first dress. ME GUSTA!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! That mullet hemline is not cool. I like my dresses and skirts to be near my knees. With two little kids to chase, I need some insurance that I'm not going to flash anything! is a boutique with more modest hemlines.

Heather said...

I love your shopping posts and how you show us both the good and the bad (and it's almost all good!)

CT Cupcake said...

I abhor mullet hemlines!

Ileana said...

Love the stripped dress... but the mullet one, totally agree...there is something weird about them.


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Unknown said...

I literally just ordered a bunch of stuff from Old Navy too for their Memorial Day sale! It was my first order with them. Their stuff is super comfy! I actually think the leopard dress is really cute, with the right shoes it would be even better. But everyone has their own things they dislike, so I understand your apathy towards the asymmetrical shape.


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