Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mr. RH!!!

Only 2 weeks since my last post, NBD.  At some point I'll stop pretending that I'm a regular blogger and apologize for random, sporadic absences.  Or not.

Unfortunately, my blogging constipation has resulted in a backlog of posts that I need to get to... but first, let's take a quick trip back to Saturday... my cute husband's 25th birthday.  #yesIrobbedthecradle

I feel bad, because the 25th birthday is kinda supposed to be The Last Big One that's fun, right?  For my 25th, I had just met Mr. RH - and he bought me the Brand Spankin' New Kindle Fire.... it was a fun time!

Poor Mr. RH.  I woke up at the crack of dawn on his birthday to finish random crafts before running out of town to attend my goddaughter's first birthday party.  He slept in a bit but had to work late, so we didn't even spend an hour together all day. 

I got him the lamest gift ever... which will arrive today, late because I'm a hot mess.  Surprisingly, he didn't seem to mind that much.... which is probably because I got him shoes for his birthday. 

He showed me these on Monday and I knew he had to have them... mostly because my shopper's eye sees a subtle leopard-print to the mesh pattern.  It's fine if he doesn't see it, because it just makes me happy.

I told RH last night that this really needs to be the last birthday where we stop being lame and boring.  AKA I turn 28 in October, and let's not screw that up, eh?

Seems like a plan to me.

Happy Birthday, Mr. RH.  I promise not to get you shoes for your 26th.  Unless you give me a lame wish list full of shoes and then really what's a girl to do? 

Happy Monday!

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Annie said...

You both are so young! You still have 30 -- that's a big, fun birthday!

Meg @ write meg! said...

I didn't realize you were older than Mr. RH -- or maybe I did but forgot? I'm a year older than my husband, haha, and have had to suffer the inevitable "cougar" jokes from the beginning. But whatevs. Happy birthday to your guy!

Jeanie said...

Happy birthday, Mr. RH! I can't even remember being 25, it was so long ago.

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