Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Photos: Group Portraits

When I left off last, we had just recapped wedding photos with a sexy Caddilac.

Today, we've got group pictures - and lots of them!

Our photographers (ahem CarisDesign or here) were incredibly patient.  I had hours of photos dancing in my head, and they didn't disappoint. 

If I had one big piece of advice for future brides - if you are dreaming of gorgeous photos - MAKE TIME for them.  I can't say that everyone enjoyed posing for 2ish hours of photos (I think I was the only person who had 2 full hours worth, most everyone else got at least a short break), but I firmly believe that it was well worth the time taken.  I can hardly think of any photos that I missed that I had really hoped to have.

We crossed the street from our little car photo shoot... and we were off.  The funny thing about the photo below is that Mr. RH assumed I would be squatting and not sitting firmly on his lap.  We about trashed the dress in the first 20 seconds of group photos as I *almost* tackled him to the ground.  Shaky start, but then we were off!

The photo below really reminds me of Twilight.  I tried to find the photo I'm thinking of, but google images really failed me.  Either way, I think we all look a little weirdly large/small.  Creepy!

The photo below is one of my favorites, totally reminds me of Friends.   Which, hello, best show ever. 

 I'll be there for you....

Obviously I'm playing the part of Jennifer Aniston.

Ok, sorry, mini tangent there.  My bridesmaids were troopers beyond anything I could have asked for.  They took such good care of me and my giant veil! 

 And seriously, could they be any more gorgeous?

I know that someday I may look at these photos and doubt my color choices... but holy COW I just love it so much.

One of the groomsmen had been browsing Pinterest.  I died when I saw this photo, because I'm pretty sure the maids didn't do anything particularly Pinterest-worthy.

Obviously one of my favorite photos.  Love that sweet little babe in there.  Also, is there anyone who is more of a trooper than an 8-month-pregnant bridesmaid?  Bless her heart, I don't know that I could do it.

My Besties.  We've been together for around 14 years.

Break!!   I never got to sit on that bench.  Not that I was complaining!  More photos!

Perfect Maids!

Me and my god-daughter... she was such a sweet little peach.

One of the "different" things I did in the big Catholic gap between the ceremony and reception was to invite all of my college BFFs to meet us at the park for a quick photo shoot.  We really perfected the friend photo shoot in college - and even 4 years later, we've still got it!

 We all met at different points throughout college, but I couldn't imagine life without these girls. 
 We live all over the country - from Miami to Pittsburgh to Chicago, but when we're together it feels like we're together all the time.

One of my favorite photos!  Classic!

And then we brought in the babies.  Sweet, sweet babies.

I think that I'm even getting sick of my own wedding photos - but when I think about stopping or missing out on even a couple of my favorite photos.... nope, can't do it!

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Jeanie said...

I love looking at these!

Whitney said...

Sarah I have looked at this post like nine times and still haven't commented or told you how much I LOVE THESE PICS!!!! It's like I keep meaning to, then the excitement of my love for them overwhelms me. I seriously love love love them and you are one of the prettiest brides ever! I also just adore the car story, you lucky gal, you. ;)

We might be departing from our ceremony in my dented Prius. Oh well!

Can't wait to see even more pics!!!

Michael Smith said...

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